Here’s How Activision Can Refresh the Stagnant Call of Duty Multiplayer

Here’s How Activision Can Refresh the Stagnant Call of Duty Multiplayer

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts . We have seen Activision talk about the game’s new graphics engine at E3. We have seen dogs rendered in incredibly realistic style. We have seen snippets of the single-player mode at many different events. But one thing we haven’t seen is the game’s multiplayer mode.

How will this multiplayer be different from all the CoDs in the past? How will Ghosts set itself apart from the pack? To be honest, we don’t know, but we do know what the CoD community has been clamoring for. Here are some of the most requested features for Ghosts’ multiplayer mode.

Reduced Aim Assist

Aim Assist is something that was added into the Call of Duty series to compensate for the inaccuracy of the dual-stick control interface. However, Black Ops 2 kind of took the metaphorical ball of a slight auto-aim when aiming down sights and ran it into the endzone and out of the stadium. Black Ops 2’s aim assist scored you hits if you were just in the general vicinity of the thing you were aiming at, making it easier to spray and pray and making accuracy less important. It would be nice to see this scaled back in Ghosts .

Playable Dogs

It has already been revealed that the infamous Call of Duty Dog will be playable in the game’s single-player mode. The dog is small, fast, and incredibly lethal, and its owners can monitor it via a camera that is mounted to its back. The short sections shown of this were a bizarre combination of stealth and melee based gameplay that really seemed to work, and it would be awesome to see that integrated into the game’s multiplayer somehow.

PlayStation Move Support

This one surprised me as much as it is likely surprising you, but when looking on the official Call of Duty forums, multiple PlayStation users asked for Move support that pretty much mirrored the way that CoD plays on its Wii spinoff versions. On-screen pointers are kind of like a motion-controlled keyboard and mouse setup, so it’s understandable why a select few would prefer this control method.

Deathstreak Removal

When searching the Call of Duty user’s forums, it appears as if most players are very against the addition of Deathstreak rewards–the comeback mechanics that give you a small boost if you get killed over and over again. Apparently, much of the CoD community is simply too hardcore to believe that the underdog deserves a chance to come back. Oh well, no Deathstreaks for Ghosts , then.

Sniper Balance

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on how snipers should be balanced in Ghosts . No quick scoping? Snipers pulled back to Black Ops strength? Longer range? Steady sights? Increased reload time? The opinions are as many and varied as CoD players themselves. One thing that is certain is that snipers need some sort of tweaking before the game’s multiplayer goes live to the public.

CoD Points

Most Call of Duty fans like the CoD Points system from Black Ops 1. What they didn’t like was that you had to unlock every gun to be able to be purchased it, and then actually purchase it in order to unlock it for use. You had to unlock guns to unlock them. Yo dawg, I heard you like unlocking.

Here’s How Activision Can Refresh the Stagnant Call of Duty Multiplayer

In previous CoD games, it was the flexibility of the CoD Points system that most players loved, and several are calling for a new, even more open system this time around. Essentially, they are asking for all guns, attachments, grenades, etc., to be available to unlock from the start and have CoD points be the only limiting factor in unlocking them. That would be a great addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts .


But we won’t know what the multiplayer in this game is truly like until we get our hands on it. Stay tuned for more information on Call of Duty: Ghosts as the year progresses.

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