Homefront “Rocking” New DLC

Homefront “Rocking” New DLC


In a press release issued today, THQ announced the release of its “The Rock” map pack on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Containing two brand new maps and opening two existing ones up for Team Deathmatch, The Rock’s 400 Microsoft Point price point is practically a steal for fans of Homefront’s multiplayer component.

The four new/reconfigured maps are:

  • Alcatraz – Yes, the prison. Designed around close-quarters fighting, there is no escape from this island fortress.

  • Bridge – Despite the non-descript map title, gamers will be battling for control of the Golden Gate Bridge’s North Tower and the surrounding area.

  • Waterway – The storefronts and streets of the Spillway welcome the bloodshed of hectic Team Deathmatch, as does…

  • Overpass – The formerly Ground Control exclusive space takes on the rigors of straight combat.

    As of yet, there’s no word on the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of these map packs. The Xbox 360 version is available immediately. Got 400 MSP lying around?

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