IMVU Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Character creation in IMVU.

IMVU Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

IMVU is an online platform providing a blend of virtual world simulation and social networking. Established in 2004, it provides a platform where millions of users can interact using 3D avatars and socialize with each other. Players meet, chat, create, and join in various games, all within the bounds of their virtual identity. IMVU features one of the largest catalogs of virtual items, with different objects in the millions. The game also has an active user base that has varied throughout the years but there are tens of millions of registered users.

IMVU Premise

IMVU‘s centers around creating and manipulating 3D avatars within a vast, expansive virtual world. It gives users an immersive social networking experience, allowing them to transform their online persona into any form they desire. The 3D avatars offer a personalized touch, enabling users to design their characters to their taste, reflect their real selves or even create a fantasy personality. The ability to interact with others via these avatars creates an engaging environment where friendships and creativity can thrive.

As part of the IMVU experience, users can explore numerous activities. These range from simple chats and meet-ups to game-playing sessions and the creation of new virtual content. The diversity of these activities, along with the freedom to interact in a variety of ways, makes IMVU more than just a game. It’s a virtual world with all sorts of opportunities and experiences awaiting. IMVU is a great place for anyone who is looking for a gamified social experience with avatars that also allows various types of exploration, creation, and play.

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Penthouse in IMVU.
Users can socialize in different environments in IMVU.

IMVU Characters

As an online social networking site and virtual world, IMVU doesn’t have traditional characters like a narrative-based video game might. Instead, each user creates their own 3D avatar, which becomes their character in the IMVU universe. These avatars can be customized to reflect the users’ personalities, preferences, and styles. While there is no built-in narrative in the virtual world of IMVU, the players and their controlled characters create the story and act as the key characters in the game. 

Games in the Series

IMVU is a standalone product, which has been on the market since 2004. It is an ever-evolving virtual world in which the developer brings new features to the live experience. There’s an argument that IMVU isn’t even necessarily a traditional game but a social network, although it does include various ways to interact with the world, including games. Regardless, there is no game series behind the IMVU experience, at least of yet. 

IMVU Cheats

These cheats for IMVU, typically known as commands or codes, are inputs that users can type into the game to achieve different effects or unlock hidden features. The effectiveness of these cheats may vary based on updates and changes made to the game by the developers.

There are also other tools created by the developers for IMVU to make it easier to manipulate the virtual world. These include the likes of furniture cloning.

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Customizing character in IMVU.
Customization view in IMVU.

IMVU commands

The cheat commands range from altering your avatar’s appearance (such as hair, eyes, clothing, etc.) to modifying the environment of the virtual world. Some of the commands even transform the avatar into different objects or creatures. 

*use15Sometimes does strange things to the avatar
*use12Purple T-shirt with pooch
*use80Female avatar
*use90Turn into Pacman
*use127Blue/yellow square room
*use129Background Circle Snow Mountain
*use130Brunette eyebrows
*use131Amber eyebrows
*use132Black eyebrows
*use133Blond eyebrows
*use144Light brown eyebrows (male)
*use145Light brown eyebrows (male)
*use146Blond eyebrows (male)
*use147Brown eyebrows (male)
*use148X bloody eyes
*use149Blue eyes
*use150Bright blue eyes
*use151Amber eyes
*use152Sienna eyes
*use153Sunny eyes
*use154Dark amber eyes
*use155Day after eyes
*use156Green hazel eyes
*use157Light green eyes
*use158Liz eyes
*use159Marla black
*use160Marla amber
*use161Marla blond
*use162Marla Brunette
*use163Baby T Black Estupido
*use164Baby T Pink Pooch
*use166Baby T Sky Splash
*use167Baby T IMVU
*use168Cargo Shorties Blue Plaid
*use169Cargo Shorties Camo Frog
*use170Cargo Shorties Crete
*use171Cargo Shorties Drab
*use172Cargo Shorties Mykonos
*use173Cargo Shorties Santorini
*use174Schick Kitaz Cobra
*use175Schick Kitaz Magma
*use176Schick Kitaz Supahstah
*use177Schick Kitaz Terra
*use178Rider Gloves Black (male)
*use179Rider Gloves Drivin’ (male)
*use180Rider Gloves Gamer (male)
*use181Kick Limelight (male)
*use182Kicks Paladium (male)
*use183Kicks Tunnel (male)
*use184Kicks Webster Hall (male)
*use185Baggy T Green IMTV (male)
*use186Baggy T Orange Matto (male)
*use188Homey Pants Chelsea (male)
*use189Homey Pants Tribeca (male)
*use190Homey Pants Village (male)
*use191Male avatar
*use210Long Shorts Camo (male)
*use211Long Shorts Denim (male)
*use212Long Shorts Khaki (male)
*use213Long Shorts Zap (male)
*use214Baggy Hoodie Good Mornin’ (male)
*use215Baggy Hoodie Midnight (male)
*use216Baggy Hoody Special Man (male)
*use217Baggy Hoody Sunset (male)
*use218Kickaz Boots Curb (male)
*use220Kickaz Boots Grate (male)
*use221Kickaz Boots Pavement (male)
*use222Kickaz Boots Zap (male)
*use227Daisy Oxford Spring
*use228Runniz Atlantis
*use229Runniz Babel
*use230Runniz Minoa
*use231Runniz Troy
*use232Hip Huggiz Denim
*use233Hip Huggiz Flash
*use234Hip Huggiz Raysa
*use235Daisy Oxford Chocolate
*use236Daisy Oxford Grass
*use237Daisy Oxford NPG
*use238Daisy Oxford Peppermint
*use285Buhrown Long Cargoes
*use286Drab Long Cargoes
*use287‘Nilla Long Cargoes
*use288Trip Long Cargoes
*use289Pericolo Pants Chase
*use290Pericolo Pants Harley
*use291Pericolo Pants Kitty
*use292Pericolo Pants Oi!
*use293Abby Shirt Goochee
*use294Abby Shirt Jam
*use295Abby Shirt Morbo
*use296Abby Shirt Night
*use297Abby Shirt Snow
*use298Tommy Shirt Earth
*use299Tommy Shirt Mars
*use300Tommy Shirt Pluto
*use2000Turn into a treasure chest

Clone furniture

It is possible to duplicate furniture in a 3D room for decorating purposes. Here’s how to add furniture in the 3D room in IMVU:

  1. Open your 3D room in IMVU.
  2. Click on the “Edit mode” button with a hammer icon.
  3. Select the piece of furniture you wish to duplicate.
  4. Click on the “Clone tool” button with a rabbit icon.
  5. Click on the selected furniture item.
  6. You can now duplicate this item as many times as desired.


What ages is IMVU for?

IMVU requires users to be at least 13 years old to create an account. The service includes a Parental Advisory notification and provides controls for parents to restrict the activities of accounts for users under the age of 18. However, the nature of the virtual world and its content might not be for everyone allowed in by the age restrictions. The interactions in IMVU may be more suitable for older teenagers and adults, as there might be bullying and other negative behavior.

How can I earn credits in IMVU?

New players can earn credits in IMVU through various activities such as completing the tutorial. Participating in the Daily Spin can also grant players credits, among other rewards. IMVU also hosts events and contests where you can win credits. Purchasing credits directly from the IMVU store is also an option, although this involves paying with real-world money.

How do I change my avatar’s appearance in IMVU?

Changing your avatar’s appearance in IMVU is simple. You can do this by going to the “Dress Up” section in the menu. There you can customize your avatar’s clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and more. Be aware that some items may cost credits. There are also cheats that allow customizing the appearance of the characters that we discussed earlier in this article. 

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