Infinite Undiscovery Getting Unexpected Simultaneous Release!

Infinite Undiscovery Getting Unexpected Simultaneous Release!


More news has come from the Square Enix front. Infinite Undiscovery, a current-gen, real-time RPG developed by tri-Ace, is now scheduled to release in both the United States and Japan on September 2, 2008. This is just a few months away which puts the release date nearly a year sooner than initially planned. Here are the press release highlights:

INFINITE UNDISCOVERY envelops players in an engaging real-time world where every decision you make leads to a myriad of discoveries and affects every encounter. The developers that set a new standard for RPGs by fusing exploration with battle in the STAR OCEAN series establish a new benchmark for the genre, perfectly integrating traditional tri-Ace elements with the technological power of Xbox 360. The experience is enhanced with a soundtrack by composer Motoi Sakuraba from the STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE series.


Every discovery and action that players make has an instant impact on the world, creating an unpredictable gaming experience.

Situational Battles:

As players are faced with a variety of episodic situational battles, they will discover that they may have to try various methods to defeat the enemy, where the most obvious solution is rarely the right move. Players can assemble parties from a pool of 18 characters, choosing those with the best combination of abilities for the job. Snipe distant enemies with the help of a bow-wielding ally or skilled magic user. Based on each player’s decisions, the intricate environments will offer a variety of experiences, presented in a way never before seen in RPGs.

A Seamless World and Real-time Action:

Players are drawn deeper into the world as each act becomes more crucial to survival. To make careful decisions and advance, players will need to rely not only on sight and sound, but also scent. Combat, exploration and other actions will all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting between each game facet.


Known as the throne of the gods, the moon rested peacefully in the heavens. Man enjoyed great prosperity by harnessing the power of the celestial body.

Until one day…

A sinister force ensnared the moon with chains and fastened them to the surface, bleeding the life from the planet. The enchained lands were transformed into withering wastelands, and their once carefree inhabitants now lived in fear. Behind the world’s plight were the Dreadknight and his menacing horde, the Order of Chains.

Deep in a forest, in one of the Order’s prisons, a young boy named Capell was being held captive. His captors called him the “Liberator,” though he had no clue as to what they meant. On the third day of his imprisonment, he was rescued by a spirited young woman named Aya. She was a member of a small band of brave warriors who had gathered under the banner of Sigmund the Liberator to free the world from the iron grip of the Order.

Upon meeting Sigmund, he was surprised to find a man who shared his very face and appearance. This meeting would change Capell’s life forever and shake the foundation of the world itself.

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