Infinity Blade Makes $30 Million

Infinity Blade Makes $30 Million


It’s been quite an amazing year in gaming, particularly the last few months. With Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 tearing up the charts, there’s almost no room for any competition in the market. Unless you’re actually just outside of the market, and your name is Infinity Blade.

Yesterday, Epic Games announced that they have raked in over $30 million since December of 2010. The developer added that roughly $5 million was generated by Infinity Blade II, which was only launched last month.

This is all very big news for the mobile game developers. Not only does it mean that Apple’s App store isn’t strangling the revenue in such a way that iOS apps are unsustainable, it also means that mobile gaming might be starting to hit its stride.

With the PlayStation Vita just over the horizon and the 3DS still struggling, now is a good time to be a mobile-gaming developer. Sony and Nintendo will eat up the hardcore gamers with their portable consoles, but Apple and Google are definitely going to eat up the casual gamers. And there are significantly more casual gamers.

Other than Infinity Blade I and II, Epic also has a digital novella, soundtracks, and a coin-operated version of Infinity Blade in some arcades. But even with these side items, $30 million is a big chunk of change considering that the app only costs $7.

By Josh Engen

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