Insiders Get New Xbox Live Features This Month

Insiders Get New Xbox Live Features This Month

Xbox Live is getting some interesting new features that will be rolling out to Xbox Insider members starting this month. Some of the updates include new online play features. Other new toys include some quality of life adjustments and new additions to user profiles.

The big new feature is called Arena on Xbox Live. This is a feature brought to Xbox Live players by ESL and is currently focused on World of Tanks . This will be an on-board software solution for running tournaments on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Players will be able to search for tournaments, set notifications, see and share results, and more.

On the profile front, Xbox Live users will be able to use custom images for their gamerpics. This function will be available across all platforms, from console to mobile. The update notes that this feature will take longer than the others to officially launch, likely to make sure it functions, and plans are in place to prevent/deal with abuse. Players will also be able to join broadcasts and share Arena stats from their profile, as well as further customize their Activity Feeds.

LFG and Clubs are also going to be getting some new stuff. LFG will be able to be associated with achievements, for one. Players will also have more options for vetting based on stats, and can copy/paste previous LFG posts. Clubs will also use custom images like users, more clearly designate owners and admins, and pin posts to the top of their feeds.

Finally, some maintenance will be done to Settings, My Game, and Apps. My favorite is games can now be filtered between Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Kinect will have auto-zoom for Skype and Twitch. Captive Portal support is also coming for Wi-Fi, meaning when you go to a hotel or something and need to log in to access the Internet, the Xbox One can now interface with that kind of security. Finally, the Windows 10 Xbox app will have settings for audio input/output in party chat.

That’s a lot of stuff to expect! Much of it will be rolled out gradually, but we’re looking forward to all the custom gamerpic chaos in the coming weeks.

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