Xbox One Spring Update Available for Insiders

Xbox One Spring Update Available for Insiders

Microsoft is already working on putting out their newest update for the Xbox One console. It’s accessible to Xbox One Insider Program participants. It will release fully for everyone after Insiders have given their feedback and some potential changes have been made. If you’re an Insider, you can check out this update on your Xbox One already, but for those left to wait, let’s take a look at what will be included.

First off, a simple update. In Game Hubs you’ll now be able to easily find open tournaments. No club membership will be necessary to start or join a tournament of your choice. That’s pretty neat! Next, Microsoft has made some changes to the Xbox One feed system. Live broadcasts will only be visible in your feed while they are happening, thus clearing up the clutter of already ended live streams. You’ll also be able to sort your feed with two categories: “what’s hot” and “top posts.” The latter will show you top posts of all time, while the former will show you what’s popular right in that moment. The Microsoft Edge browser in the Xbox One has better optimization. You can better access favorites and history. The spring update will also bring the ability to download and upload pictures, music, and videos in the browser from your console. Tab muting, read aloud, and autofill have also been integrated.

Xbox One users will be given new options to control the different sounds coming from their console in this spring update. From the Guide menu you can now change the game volume and/or your music volume. This allows users to play music much louder than their game or vice versa. The sounds on the Home and Guide screen will also now have surround sound support, so you’ll hear system notifications relevant to where you’re active on the screen. Microsoft has audio covered, but what about graphics? The spring Xbox One update will also be including 1440p resolution support for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Finally there will be two smaller but equally awesome additions to the Xbox One. Club owners will be able to filter invitation requests and recommendations. This will allow more popular clubs easier decision-making on who to bring in. Club owners will be able to filter requests and recommendations by Gamerscore, play time, a recommendation from an existing member, and reputation. Thus if you’re looking for players in your Call of Duty: WWII club that have played at least 100 hours of the game, you can filter that out. These filters will remain the same until you change them. So keep that in mind if you want to let in other players after a time.

The last and certainly not least inclusion in the Xbox One spring update is related to the Mixer broadcasting tool. While streaming through Mixer, players will now have the option to “share controller.” What this does is create a virtual controller for stream viewers. They can then click on it (or plug in their own controller) to help or interfere with the streamer’s game. Basically if you’ve hit a puzzle that you absolutely can’t beat, you can defer to a more experienced viewer if you like. Or, you can allow viewers to simply go crazy and make your life a living hell while you try to play through a game. Should make for some hilarious streams.

What do you think of all of Microsoft’s additions? Is there one update you are looking forward to the most?

Source: Xbox News

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