Interstellar Marines Deluxe Spearhead Owners Receive Development Build Access

Interstellar Marines Deluxe Spearhead Owners Receive Development Build Access

Announced on Thursday, May 28, Interstellar Marines developer Zero Point Software revealed that all backers of the game’s deluxe Spearhead edition will now receive access to early Beta builds and forthcoming updates, and will be able to playtest them ahead of other players. Basically, Spearhead owners will now have access to test early developments builds of the game.

“This is a really special day for us”, explained Kim Haar Jørgensen, the creative director of Interstellar Marines in a press release. “ The Spearhead version is for those players who want to go the extra mile to support development of Interstellar Marines . By giving Spearhead players access to early development builds the community can test beta versions of new features and enhancements we have planned.

We’re also really pleased to be giving something back to those players who have invested a little extra in Interstellar Marines”, continued Jørgensen. “ As an Early Access game we rely completely on the feedback and support of our amazing community. To be able to give our Spearheads early access to new updates is one way we can repay them for the awesome support and encouragement they continue to provide to us.

Zero Point Software has already released a Beta build of the game’s next update to Spearhead owners. According to Jørgensen, Interstellar Marines’ next update will expand and enhance the game’s highly intense Deadlock gamemode.

We received a lot of fantastic feedback from the community on updates and changes they would like to see to Deadlock, ” Jørgensen explained, “ we’ve filtered through all of that feedback, distilled that which will make Deadlock better and will be implementing the first part of it in the next update.

Interstellar Marines is available via Steam’s Early Access for £13.99, or your regional equivalent. In case you’re interested, the game’s Spearhead edition costs £28.99 (or your regional equivalent).

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