Sandbox Game Space Engineers Sells Over 250,000 Copies

Sandbox Game Space Engineers Sells Over 250,000 Copies

Space Engineers– where sandbox meets simulation meets Newtonian physics meets sci-fi meets space meets cathartic destruction–has sold 250,000 copies over the past four months since it first appeared on Steam’s Early Access, and still keeps its place on Steam’s Top Sellers list (albeit on page 31 – 40 out of 100), as detailed in a press release published today (February 25).

During its four months on Early Access, Space Engineers has gone through intense development, with new updates for the game coming out on a weekly basis, with each update having its down demonstrational video showcasing what’s new. As of right now, Space Engineers’ developer, Keen Software House, is currently working on finishing the game’s multiplayer and Survival mode. All the videos of the previous updates can be found here .

What’s more, the game’s latest update, 01.019.010, was released today (february 25). This update synchronises the inventory in multiplayer, adds a name tag above the player’s character as well as many additional things, as detailed below. This update’s video can be found here .

// Features

  • inventory synchronization in Multiplayer;

  • player’s name tag above character (will be replaced later by correct radio visibility with ID);

  • game option: disable headbob;

  • added more space in G screen for modders;

  • added more sounds;

  • asteroids are now visible from a larger distance.

// Fixes

  • fixed door animation (instant closing in some cases);

  • fixed shadow stripes visible with some FOV settings;

  • fixed sound fade-out for looping sounds.

Space Engineers has also been selected by its players as the fourth best indie game of 2013 in the “Indie Game of the Year Awards” organized by IndieDB and Desura.

“We want to thank everyone who keeps contributing to the development of Space Engineers by publishing their creations on Steam Workshop and YouTube and also sending us valuable feedback and ideas. Space Engineers is about its community!” said Marek Rosa, CEO of Keen Software House, in the press release.

Space Engineers is available on Steam’s Early Access for £11.99, or your regional equivalent. Please bear in mind, though, that the game is still in a very early build, and is subject to change and may not be representative of the final product.

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