Divinity: Original Sin Lead Designer Joins Cyberpunk RPG Development

Divinity: Original Sin Lead Designer Joins Cyberpunk RPG Development

Axel Droxler, the former lead designer of Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin , the latest game in the Divinity series, has been revealed as the new team member behind the cyberpunk RPG, “ Dex ”, a game that was successfully Kickstarted back in December, 2013 and was released on Steam’s Early Access in August.

In an update recently published on the game’s Kickstarter campaign page, Dex’s developer, Dreadlocks, detailed that Droxler moved to the Prague-based developer from Belgium back in September this year, bringing with him six years of expertise to help out with Dex’s development.

According to Dreadlocks’ update, Droxler has been working with the developer to bring more elaborate quests and deeper character backgrounds. The fruits of his work will be included on Dex’s next major content update, which is slated to release sometime in mid-December this year.

Our other big news is that we got a new team member, Axel Droxler, who was lead designer of the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin . He came to Prague from Belgium after six years of game design/quest design for Larian Studios, working on most of the titles from the Divinity series, ” Dreadlocks wrote in its update.

Axel has been working with us since September and you will be able to see the results of his work in the next major content update with the new quest batch (expected for mid-December). Axel is now working closely with Jan [ Dax’s lead designer] and the efforts of both our designers will result in more elaborate quests, deeper character backgrounds, and a better game in general.

When Dex was successfully funded, 1,930 backers managed to surpass the game’s initial Kickstarter goal of £14,000 with a total of £30,647. A release date for a full version of the game has yet to be announced. However, the game is currently available for £11.99, or your regional equivalent, via Steam’s Early Access. We’ll bring you more news on Dex should further information reach our ears.

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