Kerbal Space Program Leans Towards Education

Kerbal Space Program Leans Towards Education

An educational mod for the build-your-own-shuttle simulator Kerbal Space Program is being used by students and teachers to work together on the fundamentals of rocket science and the romanticized sense of adventure for space travel.

The mod, named KerbalEdu , was launched in partnership with the game’s developers, Squad and TeacherGaming, an organization that utilizes gaming as a means of teaching and learning. Though the mod itself is still in early development, there is already a dedicated website for the mod, where students and educators alike can find more information about the mod, and keep up to date on the mod’s development progress.

[KerbalSpace Program] is about making rocket science fun, which is why we didn’t need any complex algorithms to realize an educational version is a great extension,” said Squad co-owner Adrian Goya in a press release. “TeacherGaming’s experience makes them an ideal partner and we believe KerbalEdu is going to be a great tool for science teachers throughout the world to teach our next generation of rocket scientists and astronauts.”

Even though KerbalEdu is still way under development, TeacherGaming are still planning on adding several features to the mod that will cater specifically to teachers. Some of the feature’s the company is planning on adding can be found below.

  • Metric system and other systems for easier data comparison and integration with other school topics

  • UI alterations to include analyzer and data collector tools for easier data gathering, data summarization and problem solving with ship designs

  • Premade lessons that introduce or need a specific scientific method or formula to be solved, such as a rocket with too small of an engine needing more thrust

  • Valuable materials outside of the actual game, but with heavy connections to it, that help educators drive home important lessons

KerbalEdu is going to help players do more than just dream of the stars in their classroom. It’s going to give them the tools to learn how to reach them,” TeacherGaming CEO Santeri Koivisto said. “Squad is a great partner and a believer in our mission to use games to help educate the next generation of students.”

Kerbal Space Program , and by extension KerbalEdu , is available for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam’s Early Access for £19.99 (or your regional equivalent).

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