Life’s More Fun With A Portal Gun

Life’s More Fun With A Portal Gun

Portal is one of the greatest spin-off series in video game history, and its unique style of first-person puzzling has intrigued gamers both casual and hardcore. The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device is a remarkably simple yet innovative tool, allowing instant travel between blue and orange portals. The portal gun has sparked the creativity of crafters and programmers alike, who have pulled the device out of its confinement in Valve’s fictional world and brought it into other series, and even into the real world.

Real Life Portal (Nerf) Gun

A stereotypical group of gamer geeks sits back while a friend unboxes a portal gun he ordered online. This montage is relatively quick, though launching the packing box through the whiteboard was a nice touch. The portals themselves make decent use of special effects, but a Nerf gun slapped with an Aperture sticker? For shame, freddiew. Considering how many videos and blogs are out there for a DIY portal gun, you could have taken a little more pride in the production value here.

Portal: Terminal Velocity

Now this is how you put together a live-action Portal movie. I love the use of the different levels in a typical home, and the launch outside is a nice finisher. Creator Jason Craft really took the forces of velocity and gravity into consideration when putting this piece together. The effects on the gun and the portals are nicely done, though perhaps the acting could use a little work. Still, this is a pretty great example of why you shouldn’t trust your friends with a real-life portal gun.

Cheap Portal Gun: DIY

There are actually quite a few DIY portal gun videos on YouTube, though most of them run much longer, and the materials cost a lot more. This version should only set you back about fifty dollars, and it still has an authentic look when finished. This may not be the most complete guide to putting your own gun together, but the video is still very helpful and humorous.

Super Mario Bros. w/ Portal Gun

Mario had it pretty rough in the early going, with little more than his jumping ability and the occasional Fire Flower to help him on his perilous quest to save the princess. What if he had a portal gun? This video showcases some of the more clever (and mischievous) ways Mario could tackle the Mushroom Kingdom.

Life’s More Fun With A Portal Gun

Link To The Past w/ Portal Gun

Portal gun platforming is okay, but Link could have much more fun bringing the device to Hyrule. Here are just a few of the ways a portal gun could make getting through those pesky dungeons a cinch. You’ll love how Link defeats Ganon in the end. Classic.

Sean Engemann
Contributing Writer
Date: March 22, 2013
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