Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition Dated and Detailed

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition Dated and Detailed


If you’ve never patrolled the frozen wastes of Lost Planet, this spring may be your best chance. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition has been dated by Capcom for a May 27, 2008 release. The game will retail for only $29.99, be available for both PC and Xbox 360, allow for cross-platform multiplayer, and will include a ton of new content such as new campaign modes, online modes, playable characters, multiplayer maps, and weapons for both humans and VS. So what’s the catch? If you are a veteran of the series your old game saves and online rankings cannot be carried over. Unfortunately, the two versions aren’t compatible. Check out the finer points from the press release below:

Key features:

New modes for single player campaign

• Score Attack – Each enemy and destructible object has points assigned to them, with the player being awarded different points depending on how they defeat the enemy.

• Trial Battle Mode – Take on each of the game’s Bosses, one after another

• Off Limit Mode – Go wild with over-the-top, super-charged weapons with unlimited ammunition and increased speed of movement

New online modes

• Akrid Hunter – Get the chance to finally play as an Akrid as your opponents attempt to take you down

• VS Annihilator – Each team attempts to destroy its opponent’s VS while defending its own

• CounterGrab – The team with the longest data post activation time wins

• Point Snatcher – Take down opponents and collect the most thermal energy points

• Akrid Egg Battle – Steal Akrid eggs from the opponent’s team and bring them safely back to your own base

• Egg Bandit – steal your opponents’ Akrid egg, with points awarded for longer capture times

Four new multiplayer maps

• Crossfire City – the wide streets provide an excellent opportunity for VS battles, while buildings provide great cover for sharp-eyed snipers

• Area 921– Two industrial compounds located in a vast desert and linked by an underground pipe

• Lost Arena – The central arena is ideal for VS pilots to act as futuristic gladiators, while those on foot can use the surrounding grandstands as their battleground

• Assault Space – Set onboard a space ship and its supply vessel, zero gravity is sure to make for some interesting encounters

New playable characters

• Two female and two robot characters are added to the roster of choices for online personas to choose from, bringing the total to 11

• 5 new playable character models

New weapons (human)

• Hand Gun – weak in power, but very accurate and easy to use

• Revolver – The expert’s one-shot kill weapon of choice at close quarters

• Flame Launcher – Uses thermal energy to lay down a wall of fire

• Hand Cannon – A handgun-like rocket launcher that is very effective against VS suits

New weapons (VS)

• Pile Bunker – A long spike fires out at immense speed

• VS Rifle – VS-dedicated rifle which has the longest range and loses no power regardless of the distance

• Rocket Pod – Shoot off a salvo of rockets to cause immense damage to a specific area

• Laser Lance – Attack with a sweeping arc of devastation

New Environments

• Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering mountains of ice are all stunningly realized, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions.

New perspectives

• Switch to first person view or the over-the-shoulder view from Resident Evil 4 for even more intense action

Cross Platform Play

• XBOX 360 and PC users can now compete on the same battlefield

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