Madden NFL 15 Out Today

Madden NFL 15 Out Today

The time has come to drag out that dirty old jersey and prepare to eat copious amounts of bean dip, because football season is finally upon us! And what better way to celebrate than with the latest iteration of Madden ?!

While you can always check out our full review of the game right here ; the folks over at the Xbox Wire are also hyped for the latest editions drop as well. The Wire staff recently posted a list of five key reasons any Madden fan should be pumped (covering everything from their updated tackling system to the Sports Center-esque presentation).

Here are just a few features Microsoft thinks could distinguish this version as one of the best in franchise history:

  • Defensive Camera and Control

This year, Madden NFL 15 is all about the tackle. The defensive line gets the respect it deserves, with new camera angles and tackle controls that let you read plays better – and take bigger risks to keep the ball away from your end zone…

  • Gauntlet Mode

The Madden NFL 15 Skills Trainer is getting an awesome upgrade in the form of Gauntlet Mode, an arcade-style collection of drills and minigames, complete with leaderboards and “boss battles…”

  • Confidence/Game Prep

Furthering the full football experience, Madden NFL 15 features two new wrinkles when it comes to coaching your team. On-field performance can impact individual players’ confidence levels, and now you’ll have to work with your team in-between games to make sure they’re prepped for the next match…

  • Connected Franchise

Connected Franchise is the core of the Madden experience, and this year, it’s bigger and better than ever. We can’t wait to take control of every aspect of our team – even deciding where their new stadium is, or what their uniforms look like…

  • New Level of Realism

Madden NFL 15 will be the most realistic football game to date, using the Xbox One’s power to present all-new animations and player reactions…

Madden NFL 15 is out now for all the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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