Kid Icarus Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

The title screen of Kid Icarus for the Nes

Kid Icarus Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Kid Icarus is one of Nintendo’s forgotten IPs from the late 1980s. Fans of the series haven’t received a new game since 2012, almost 12 years ago. The series began on the NES in 1986 and revolves around the protagonist Pit’s quest for sacred treasures. The game was released to mixed reception but became a cult classic over time. Fans praise Kid Icarus for its music and creative mixture of different game genres but like many other games of this era, this title was criticized for being too difficult. The game saw rereleases on Gameboy Advance and the Wii/WiiU virtual console and spawned multiple sequels.

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The Premise Of Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus is a side-scrolling platformer with RPG elements. You control Pit through levels where you must avoid obstacles and defeat monsters. You are armed with a bow with unlimited arrows at your disposal and you can upgrade your attacks through power items. In each stage, the player may enter doors to access seven different chambers each with a unique purpose. The game world is split into three: the Underworld, the Overworld, and the Skyworld. These three stages have their own gameplay styles before abandoning the platforming gameplay for a scrolling shooter in the game’s conclusion.

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The Main Characters Of Kid Icarus

  • Pit – A prisoner of the Underworld when Palutena contacted him. After escaping from the Underworld, Pit went on a quest to save all of Angel Land from Medusa: Goddess of Darkness by seeking out the Three Sacred Treasures.
  • Palutena – Kind-hearted, benevolent, and sometimes playful and mischievous, as shown in her conversations with her angel companion, Pit.
  • Medusa – The Goddess of Darkness, the ruler of the Underworld, and the primary antagonist of the first game. While Palutena likes mankind, Medusa hates mankind and causes chaos to them like drying out their crops and turning them to stone.
  • Pandora – She is the gatekeeper to the Skyworld’s Fortress where she is a ghostly figure.
  • Thanatos – The shapeshifting God of Death and one of Medusa’s allies and a second-in-command to Hades.
  • Uranos – The God of the Sky who sided with Medusa in her quest to overthrow Pandora. He is located in the Skyworld’s Fortress.
  • Zeus – The King of the Gods. In the first two games, he trains Pit in the Sacred Training Chamber.

Other Titles In The Kid Icarus Series

  • Kid Icarus
  • Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus Cheats


Code EffectCode
ContinuePress B, A, then B on Controller 1 after a game is over, but before the title screen appears.
Lower Prices In-ShopInside the shop, press A + B simultaneously on Controller #2.

Level and Ending Passwords

1-2 with maxed strength, hearts and items6eW3!! !!!!00 F38W!H C0042N
1-40000eu 60j700 uG0004 1000J0
2-10000ys T0J300 m2001C H000aS
2-400008C i04400 mIG01D I0005F
3-10000mu w0K200 O3G00H I100s5
3-40000y0 11X200 u0G00H I100t0
4-100008p 414100 O3G00H I500eB
Begin Final Level with Invincibility 2DANGER !!!!!! TERROR HORROR
Final Level w/ 9,999,999 pointsAuW2e5 XcdF00 mt000G K50Wuu
Final level with all upgradesFGHIJK LMNOPQ RSTUVW XYZTOM
Final Level with InvincibilityKidKid Icarus KidKid Icarus
Infinite Potions8uuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu
Last Level (999 Hearts, 5 Endurance/Strength, 3 Weapons)6eW30h n1dF00 OT004H K500OP
Start at the last level with invincibility and fully upgraded arrows.DUVANS MAMMOR KOMMER BORTOT
1- Best Ending6eW300 00dF00 O3000G K50i9r
2- Grown Angel Ending000000 00dF00 O3000G K50Cfh
3- Captain Ending000000 000000 O1000G K50C9H
4- Guard Ending000000 000000 O10000 K50C9G
5- Farmer Ending000000 000000 M30000 G50CfV

Kid Icarus Unlockables

The ending you unlock depends on your Health Blocks, Arrow Power, and if you used continues. Each Health Block and Arrow Power is worth 10 points (for a total of 100), and each time you continue you lose 1 point. The game doesn’t actually show you these points anywhere.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
1- Best EndingGet 100 points.
2- Captain EndingGet between 85 and 99 points.
3- Guard EndingGet between 80 and 84 points.
4- Farmer EndingGet between 60 and 79 points.
5- Specknose EndingGet fewer than 59 points.

Game Genie Codes

The following cheat codes require the third-party hardware Game Genie. If you are using an emulator to play Kid Icarus then these codes should still work as long as the emulator supports cheat codes.

Cheat EffectCheat Code
Small hearts are worth 2 energy pointsZAKSXTPA
Small hearts are worth 5 energy pointsIAKSXTPA
Small hearts are worth 255 energy pointsNAKSXTPA
Big hearts are worth 20 energy pointsGPKSSVZA
Big hearts are worth 255 energy pointsNYKSSVZA
Auto collect small heartsAPASSY
Fly and pass through wallsTOPSYZ
Walk through wallsEGGSIX
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