Soul Blazer Cheats & Cheat Codes for SNES and More

Soul Blazer Cheats & Cheat Codes for SNES and More

Soul Blazer, also known as Soul Blader in Japan, is a fantasy and action RPG. It was released in Japan and North America in 1992. Soul Blazer reached Europe a few years later, in 1994. The game was developed by Quintet and published by Enix, before it merged with Square into Square Enix. This retro game was made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Soul Blazer has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both critics and players. It has even been compared to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for its fun yet challenging gameplay. If you compare it to other games of its time and genre, it has a strong storyline and compelling graphics. The game has even made several “Top 100 SNES Games of All Time” lists.

Soul Blazer Premise

In this fantasy world, the ruling King Magridd forced a brilliant scientist to make a device that can contact the evil spirit Deathtoll. The king made a foolish deal with Deathtoll to exchange the souls of his people for gold. Because of this, monsters are destroying innocent villages. Deathtoll is trapping the souls of all living creatures in his lairs.

The Master, a divine deity, will send his most loyal and heavenly servant down to the human realm. His servant, the Blazer, will be sent in the form of a human warrior. The Blazer is not only skilled with swords and magic, but he also possesses the ability to speak with every living being.

This divine warrior must now defeat all of the monsters in the six different regions to collect the six different stones before he can take on Deathtoll in the World of Evil. He must also find the sacred Red-Hot artifacts to summon the Phoenix to even defeat Deathtoll.

The North American and European version of the game are practically identical to the version released in Japan. Besides the obvious name change of the game, the love interest, Lisa, was changed to a less anime-like style for North America and Europe. And the boss in the Mountain of Souls stage, Medusa, is now a male version who goes by Poseidon. This change from Medusa to Poseidon also includes her breasts now covered by red tattoos and her muscles much larger.

Soul Blazer Main Character

The player takes control of the Blazer, also known as the Hero, who was sent by The Master. Players can give him a different name to go by, but in future games, he is still referred to as the Blazer. Players must go through dungeon crawls fighting monsters.

Every time the Blazer destroys a monster lair, innocent souls are freed and reincarnated. Most of these souls are humans, like those of the villagers, but some are animals or sentient plants. As more souls get freed, the village slowly gets reconstructed and reinhabited. Players can visit the new, reincarnated villagers receive advice, lore, and useful items.

Players can also acquire numerous different weapons, magic, and armor for the Blazer to become an unstoppable divine force. Some of these are even required to progress, like the Soul Blade and the Soul Armor. Those are required along with the Red-Hot artifacts to summon the Phoenix for the final battle.

Soul Blazer Series

While Soul Blazer does not have any official sequels or prequels, fans have considered it to be the first title of an unofficial series. This unofficial series is called the “Heaven and Earth Trilogy”. The games that follow are Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma (which means “the creation of Heaven and Earth”), and The Granstream Saga. They are all developed by Quintet, or a subdivision of Quintet, and have similar aesthetics, lore, and themes.

But if you’re interested in more retro Japanese RPGs or platformers, check out the other titles from Quintet.

Soul Blazer Cheat Codes

While many classic games from the ’90s have cheat codes already implemented, Soul Blazer only has cheat codes for those who have a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay device. So for those lucky gamers who have a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay, check out our lists of cheat codes. And don’t feel overwhelmed, we broke them down for you below.

For players who have a Game Genie, there are various different codes that can give you cool advantages. They may make you invincible to damage, become the maximum level, or even walk through walls.

Game Genie Cheat Codes

General Codes

Makes you invincibleC26E-6DA7 + C223-0D07
Walk through walls / No clipping2264-6FD4
Get 999,999 gems every time a gem is picked upDDE8-64BF
All Monsters in Lairs DeadDFEB-0F94
No Gems From EnemiesEE68-646D
Walk FunnyDD6B-D764
After Collecting One Sprite you have them allFEC3-A7D2
Hit Anywhere6D6C-6704
One Hit Kills6D6C-ADA4

Health Codes

Start the game with 4 HPD0E6-0FB4
Start the game with 15 HPDEE6-0FB4
Start the game with 25 HPFBE6-0FB4
Start the game with 50 HP74E6-0FB4
Start the game with 75 HP08E6-0FB4
Start the game with 100 HP10E6-0FB4
Start the game with 127 HP5EE6-0FB4
Kill an enemy for Max Level and EXPDDEB-649F
Get 127 Maximum Life By Level 485EC6-A7A7

Experience / Leveling Codes

10 EXP Required for Level 2 Instead of 100
180 EXP Required for Level 3 Instead of 280DFEA-ADA1
380 EXP Required for Level 4 Instead of 580D7EA-AFA1
600 EXP Required for Level 5 Instead of 1,000D1EA-A4A1
1,200 EXP Required for Level 6 Instead of 2,000F4EA-A7A1
2,400 EXP Required for Level 7 Instead of 3,20040E2-ADA1
3,500 EXP Required for Level 8 Instead of 4,50079E2-AFA1
4,800 EXP Required for Level 9 Instead of 5,80006E2-A4A1
6,600 EXP Required for Level 10 Instead of 7,60011E2-A7A1
8,600 EXP Required for Level 11 Instead of 9,60061E3-ADA1
10,000 EXP Required for Level 12 Instead of 12,400DDE3-AFA1
13,000 EXP Required for Level 13 Instead of 15,0007DE3-A4A1
15,000 EXP Required for Level 14 Instead of 19,0009DE3-A7A1
Kill an enemy for Max Level and EXPDDEB-649F

For those who have a Pro Action Replay, there are plenty of different codes that let you do things like leveling up faster, getting special weapons, and spawning needed collectibles.

Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes

General Codes

Unlimited Gems7E1B67FF
Level Up Faster7E1B78FF
Unlimited HP7E1B8864
Max HP7E1B8A64
Max Energy7E1B7063
Max Defense Power7E1B7463
Instant Level Up7E1B8600
Get all Souls7E1B82FF

Weapon Codes

Sword of Life: Get a sword from the Master7E1B1E01
Psycho Sword: Invincible monsters temporarily paralyzed7E1B1F02
Critical Sword: Defeat monsters at once7E1B2003
Lucky Blade: The chance of getting larger Gems increases7E1B2104
Zantetsu Sword: Defeat monsters with special armor7E1B2205
Spirit Sword: Defeats the “spirit” type monsters7E1B2306
Recovery Sword: HP will be filled when monster is defeated7E1B2407
The Soul Blade: The strongest sword you may use7E1B2508

Armor Codes

Iron Armor: Your defense power becomes stronger7E1B2609
Ice Armor: You can crossfire without damage7E1B270A
Bubble Armor: Enables you to walk under the sea7E1B280B
Magic Armor: Cuts the necessary Gems in half7E1B290C
Mystic Armor: Invincible for a longer period of time7E1B2A0D
Light Armor: Receive no damage from weak monsters7E1B2B0E
Elemental Mail: Protects Blazer from the damage zones7E1B2C0F
Soul Armor: Enables you to walk in space7E1B2D10

Magic Codes

Flame Ball: Shoots a fireball in one direction7E1B2E11
Light Arrow: Shoots “light” arrows in all directions7E1B2F12
Magic Flair: Power is collected when the button pressed7E1B3013
Rotator: A light ring will rotate around you7E1B3114
Spark Bomb: Mines are laid, and they will explode soon7E1B3215
Flame Pillar: Summon pillars of fire to rise around you7E1B3316
Tornado: Magical Tornado will come7E1B3417
Phoenix: Phoenix will join Blazer7E1B3518

Story Item Codes

Goat’s Food7E1B3619
Harp String7E1B371A
A Pass7E1B381B
Dream Rod7E1B391C
Leo’s Brush7E1B3A1D
Leaves / Turbo’s Symbol7E1B3B1E
Mole’s Ribbon7E1B3C1F
Big Pearl7E1B3D20
Mermaid’s Tears7E1B3E21
Mushroom Shoes7E1B3F22
Mobile Airship Key7E1B4023
Thunder Ring7E1B4124
Delicious Seed7E1B4225
Cat Leaves7E1B4326
Door Key7E1B4427
Platinum Card7E1B4528
VIP Card7E1B4629

Magic Emblem Codes

Collect all eight Emblems to become an expert at magic. With all eight you can get the Magic Bell and cast spells without using Gems.

Emblem A7E1B472A
Emblem B7E1B482B
Emblem C7E1B492C
Emblem D7E1B4A2D
Emblem E7E1B4B2E
Emblem F7E1B4C2F
Emblem G7E1B4D30
Emblem H7E1B4E31

Phoenix Codes

Obtain all three Red-Hot items for Phoenix to join you

Red-Hot Mirror7E1B4F32
Red-Hot Ball7E1B5033
Red-Hot Stick7E1B5134

Equipable / Usable Item Codes

Power Bracelet7E1B5235
Shield Bracelet7E1B5336
Super Bracelet7E1B5437
Medical Herb7E1B5538
Strange Bottle7E1B5639

Stone Codes

Collecting all six stones will unlock the World of Evil so you can find Deathtoll.

Brown Stone7E1B573A
Green Stone7E1B583B
Blue Stone7E1B593C
Silver Stone7E1B5A3D
Purple Stone7E1B5B3E
Black Stone7E1B5C3F

Soul Blazer Cheat Code FAQ

Does Soul Blazer have cheat codes?

The short answer is yes! But the long answer is yes for those who have a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay device. These cheat codes can give players extra lives or energy, skip certain levels, unlock new types of weapons, and much more.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are exploits that can change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may help move on to a different level, make the player completely immune to damage, or do some other action that wouldn’t take place without them.

They can also make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible.

What is a Pro Action Replay?

A Pro Action Replay is a cheat device that allows players to input different cheats and passwords for multiple different consoles like the SNES, Game Cube, Commodore 64, GameBoy Advanced, and so much more. They manipulate the memory of the game code itself to allow cheats like infinite health, more powerful weapons, and even saving the game when it is not intended to have a save mechanic.

What is a Game Genie?

A Game Genie is another cheat device, similar to the Pro Action Replay. They are available for many retro consoles like the NES, SNES, original Game Boy, Genesis, and more. While they are very similar, Pro Action Replay devices alter the RAM memory while Game Genies alter the ROM.

What makes a cheat device different?

Since developers intentionally implement traditional cheat codes in their games, not every game has them. But that does not mean players don’t want them. Hence, cheat devices were born. Devices like the Game Genie or Pro Action Replay allow players to do things the developer did not intend, while regular cheat codes are implemented by the developers. They intercept and alter the game’s code to get it to work differently.

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