Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Announced

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Announced


The rumoured Rebellion downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3 has been announced by BioWare. It’ll release on May 29th on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and PC in the US, while Europe is to receive it a day later.

Mass Effect 3’s Rebellion add-on is free for those who have redeemed an Online Pass for the action RPG. The multiplayer expansion features more gear, weapons, maps, as well as kits.

Here are the additional contents of the DLC pack, as detailed by BioWare:

  • New characters: Vorcha Soldier, Vorcha Sentinel, Male Quarian Engineer, Male Quarian Infiltrator, Ex-Cerberus Vanguard, and Ex-Cerberus Adept

  • New weapons: Cerberus Harrier Assault Rifle , Reegar Carbine Shotgun, Krysae Sniper Rifle

  • New gear slot: A new slot will be available on the equipment screen, offering players a persistent gameplay bonus that will not expire after the end of a match.

  • New in-mission objective: Randomly occurring during waves 3, 6 and 10, this new objective will demand that teams retrieve a high priority package and securely escort it to a designated extraction zone on each map.

    In addition, there will be two new maps:

  • Firebase Jade – Surrounded by huge waterfalls, Firebase Jade overlooks an ancient reservoir built by the salarians centuries ago.

  • Firebase Goddess – Nestled in the epicenter of a Thessian metropolis, Firebase Goddess is one of the last strongholds of asari resistance against the Reapers. With its circular layout, Firebase Goddess is a tough location to control.

    By Zak Islam

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