Phantasmagoria Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

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Phantasmagoria Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Phantasmagoria Summary

Consumite furore…

Expend your rage. Phantasmagoria is an old 1995 point-and-click adventure game that uses Full Motion Video. Developed by Sierra, and written by Roberta Williams. For reference, Williams also wrote the King’s Quest and Laura Bow series of games, so she’s fairly professional. It had a fairly long development cycle, two years in fact, owning to the complexity of the work involved. Much of the game’s setting, musical scores, writing, and acting was painstakingly perfected over the course of two years, hence the long development time.

The Banner for Phantasmagoria

It was released, and those long years paid off. It quickly became the best-selling game in the United States, making well over $12,000,000 in its first week alone. That may not seem like much these days. But keep in mind, the internet wasn’t as advanced as it is today. As such, word of mouth and printed magazines were all people had to go on. As such, Phantasmagoria is one of the highlights of the point-and-click adventure genre.

Phantasmagoria Premise

Inspired by the The Shinning and various works of the famous gothic poet, Edgar Allen Poe, Phantasmagoria’s story is not for the faint of heart, or those who scare easily. The famous writer, Adrienne Delaney, and her photographer husband Don Gordon have just moved into a large, fancy mansion. The mansion in question? It was built and owned by an “eccentric” magician by the name of Zoltan “Carno” Carnovasch. Being a writer with an insatiable curiosity, Adrienne can’t help but snoop around her new home. In Carno’s study, she finds a box, just a normal, innocent-looking box. That was in a sealed-off chamber in Carno’s home.

She opens it. And what comes out but a demon. Not long after, her husband begins acting irritable, as if something is possessing him. He’s also growing quite violent and is picking up a number of bad habits.

Phantasmagoria Main Characters 

  • Zoltan “Carno” Carnovasch. The previous owner of the mansion, and, indeed, a magician. But perhaps his true magic is best left under lock and key.
  •  Cyrus Hockaday. Somewhat dimwitted due to a mental illness, but he is very strong!
  •  Adrienne Delaney. The protagonist of the story. She is a writer who has recently moved to a new home in the countryside. Curious to the extreme, she begins to look around her new home and finds something she really shouldn’t have.
  •  Ethel. A rather grouchy woman, who does not let anyone talk to Malcom without proper reason.
  •  Malcon Wrymshadow. The former apprentice to Carno, and, perhaps, the only one who truly knows whats going on.
  •  Donald “Don” Gordon. Adrienne’s husband. He’s a photographer and a well-known one at that. He is, perhaps, a bit too fond of the bottle.
  •  Harriet Hockaday. The mother of Cryus. The two of them live on Adrienne’s new estate and have been for some time.
  •  Robert Thompkins. The one who sold the estate to Adrienne and Donald. In a way, he is responsible for the entire plot.

Phantasmagoria Titles of Video Games in the Series

Here are the various spooky games in the series!

  • Mystery Games (1995)
  •  Phantasmagoria Stagefright (1999)
  •  Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (1996)
  •  Roberta Williams’ Phantasmagoria (1995)
  •  Roberta Williams’ Phantasmagoria (Deluxe… (1995)
  •  The Roberta Williams Anthology (1996)

Phantasmagoria Cheat Codes

While there aren’t any cheat codes, there are a few easter eggs:

Click on the seating spot in the bathroom seven times, then use the bathroom to hear some rather interesting toilet effects. 

In any chapter except for 7, click on the baby picture 4 times to hear and eerie laugh and red eyes glow in the picture.

The designer of Phantasmagoria, Roberta Williams can be seen at random when you exit the antique shop in town.

Use the drain cleaner on the manacles, which will result in an odd “blood” effect on Adrienne.

During the conversation of Malcolm in Chapter 3, you can see pictures above the fireplace, one is a picture of a typical  alien.

Phantasmagoria Cheat Code FAQ

Why was Phantasmagoria banned? This game was not banned in any country, the sequel was banned in the U.S. This was due to the game’s violent and sexual imagery. Sears, the department store, refused to carry the game.

How long to beat Phantasmagoria? On average, it will take a place six hours and thirty minutes to beat the game.

What is the age rating for Phantasmagoria? 17 or older, viewer discretion is advised.

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