Megaman Battle Network 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Megaman Battle Network 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Megaman Battle Network 2

Note: This game is also titled Battle Network: Rockman EXE 2 .

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game with all five stars. Highlight the “New Game” option at the title screen, then press Left(2), Right, Left, Right, Left, Right(2). If you entered the code correctly, the ”New Game” option will turn orange. Select that option and the “Netbattle” option will not longer be available. Save the game, then restart. A “Hard Mode” option will now be unlocked under the ”New Game” and ”Continue” options.

WWW area

Successfully complete the game to unlock the WWW area. Go to Ula Internet area 4 and look for a glowing red warp. Enter it to access the WWW area. Note: You cannot exit once you enter, so saving the game is recommended.

Gamecube logo

After defeating Shadowman, reenter the main mother computer. Go to the back of the computer. Stand in front of the “mother computer main server”, where Shadowman was standing before you fought him. Slowly go to Megaman’s right. Upon a stack of cubes with purple, squiggly lines on them will be the Gamecube logo.

SS license

After you get the S license, “Delete Gospel”, and “Star ID”, go through the Undernet to where the laser grid with the “?” on it was located. Check it and it will open. The portal will then take you directly to the WWW area 1. Go through with your S license in hand, but be careful. Once you are inside the WWW you cannot jack out. Once through, you will see many new enemies and some are very difficult to kill. Just run from or kill them and use Full-Enrgs. Go as far as you can through WWW in area 1. Do not go into area 2, no matter what. You will find a cube requiring an S license to open. There are still more obstacles, Before going through the portal there, you will encounter three Protecto1s. To delete these you will have to do 200 damage to all of them at once. Once they are gone, go through the portal and unlock the “Mystery Data”. It is army data. Jack out at this point and save the game. Jack back in again and go to the License Examiner. You can now take the test.

SSS license

Set either an Invis chip with a * code as your default chip, and make sure you have the chip ZeusHamr. In most of the battles, this will kill all the enemies. It can break through Guard; it even works on Hardheads. Note: Make sure that if there is a Cloudy or a Flappy that you do not use ZeusHamr until after they land or else it will not hit them.

Easy S-busting level

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A very good way to get an S busting level is to use Advances. It seems necessary for some Bosses such as Bass. Some good ones are: Life Srd 3 (line up Elec, Heat, and aqua Blades. Buy them or get them from Green Mystery Data in WWW area 1); Arrows (Double, Triple, and Quad Needle); and Ultra bomb (Lil, Cros, and Big Bombs).

Best Chip Trader

The best Chip Trader is the one in the ACDC Town Metroline.

Getting free Navi chips

You can get Navi chips in the slot in Netopia near the Hotel and Bank. Choose ten chips in the slot and get a new Navi chip back free. Sometimes you can even get Version 2 Chips. Note: A Navi chip does not appear every time.

Defeat Freezeman, then go to ACDCtown. There will be a chip trader by the posters. You will get all the Navi chips except Bass and a few other that you can get only in the WWW area.

Easy Zenny

From where you are presently, keep walking around and battle a lot of enemies. If you are in Ms. Million’s bag, you can get about 400 Zenny in each battle. You can also get 10,000 Zenny from doing the love letter job and from Ms. Millions.

In the Undernet 5 are three Green Mystery Datas. Save in front of them, then move the pointer in one direction to receive 100 Zenny, a virus, or 50,000 Zenny in each one of the three Green Mystery Datas.

Make sure you have Untrap. Go to Undernet 5. There will be three mystery program data. Use the Sub-chip Untrap and walk up to one of the mystery data. Unlock it. It will more than likely say “You got 100 Zenny!”. Find the other one. It will usually have the same message. Find the last one. It will say “You got 50,000 Zenny!”. Then, jack out and do it again. You can only do this a total of seven times; save it for when you need it.

Navi Chip codes

The code at the bottom of a Navi chip is its name in Japanese. For example, Bass is named Forte and his code is F. Protoman is named Blues and his symbol is B.

Black Navi locations

    Black Navi 1: Underkoto
    Black Navi 2: Undernet area 6
    Black Navi 3: Netarea 2
    Black Navi 4: Yumland area 2

Airman Version 3

You can find Airman Version 3 in Den Area 1. He deals around 100 damage for each attack but you can get 500 Zenny if you have a low rankFor about a Busting Lv. 6, you can get another Airman Chip.

Extra Damage from Airman Chip

Go to the front and if an enemy is in the front rank also, use the Airman chip to do double the damage.

Geddon3 chip

After you defeat Shadow Man, go to MarinHarbor. From the center building, go down the flight of stairs and look closely at the screen. You should see a blur every few seconds. Walk up and talk to it. A little girl will say, “You found it! You take it”. You will receive the Geddon3 chip.

After acquiring the Geddon3 chip, put it in your folder with a Repair Chip (preferably a * code chip). Being that it makes all panels, swap panels (which constantly takes your health away). Use the Repair to fix your panels, leaving your opponents to suffer. Note: Have Repair out when you take out Geddon 3.

2xHero Chip Advance

You must have these chips in this order during a battle for the 2xHero Chip upgrade: Custswrd B, Varswrd B, Protoman B. Note: You must have the same code and have to be in the order shown.

BigHeart Advance

Select, in order, HolyPanel R (from Brush Man), Recover300 R (from having SS or SSS license in Undernet 7), and Roll R (v1,v2,v3).

BodyGaurd Advance

Put the following chips in the order shown: Dropdown S, Anti-Navi S, ShadowMan S (V1,V2,V3).

Curse Advance

The Curse Advance does quite a lot of damage. You must have CurseShield1, 2, and 3; Code: P, A, or O for all of them. To use any of the CurseShields, you must get hit, then the thing dashes out and bites. The Curse Advance dashes down all three lines, biting.

Darkness Advance

In order to get the strongest attack in the game, you must have these chips in this order: Bass v3 X, AntiNavi X, Fire/Aqua/Elec/Wood Gspl X. Note: It will not work with another Bass because their chip code is F.

PoisPhar Advance

Put the following chips in the order shown: PoisMask A,Poisface A, Anubis A.

O-Canon1 Chip

Select Cannons A B C D and E in that order. This allows you to shoot Cannons with unlimited ammunition for ten seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

O-Canon2 Chip

Select Hi-Cannons C D E F and G in that order. This allows you shoot Hi-Cannons with unlimited ammunition for ten seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

Z-Canon1 Chip

Select Cannons A B C, B C D, or C D E in that order. This allows you to shoot Cannons with unlimited ammunition for five seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

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Z-Canon2 Chip

Select Hi-Cannons C D E, D E F, or E F G in that order. This allows you to shoot Hi-Cannons with unlimited ammunition for five seconds at the speed of the X-Buster. This can only be selected in battle.

Zeta Cannon upgrade chip

During a fight, at any time you get these chips, you will form the Zeta Cannon: Cannon A, Cannon B, Cannon C. Note: You have only five seconds with this cannon — shoot as many shots as possible. Remember to put them in alphabetical order.

Subchip plus memory

After you defeat Magnet Man, go to Netopia. In first screen (after going out from Arrival Lobby), search a tree in west screen. Talk to the boy and you will get Subchip plus memory.

Secret chips (251 to 260)

To get the ten secret chips, you must have two Gameboy Advances, two Mega Man Battle Network 2 games, and a link cable. Both games must have at least three stars next to their name. If you have four stars, the odds will be higher. Link up the games and go into Network. Save the game when prompted, then choose Netbattle (not Practice Battle). Battle the other person and get an S rank on them. This is done easier if one player allows the other to kill them. You will get a secret chip approximately every twenty battles. The secret chip you get will be random.

Get Sanctuary chip (266)

Get all of the five stars and begin hard mode. When you complete hard mode, Sanctuary will be in your original save file (not hard mode).

Best regular chip

The chip FstGauge *, which can be bought from the merchant in UnderKoto, is the best choice for a regular chip. It doubles the speed of your CustomGauge, allowing you to utilize your chips faster. Since its code is *, you can still use other chips on the first turn.

Guard breaking chips

The following are chips that can break through Guard: Magnetman and ZeusHamr.

Hidden power-ups

In the Mother Computer, there is a power-up next to her brain and to the right. There is a hidden HPMemory that can be found by going to the apartment. Go to floor 9. Go to the left door. There is an HPMemory on top of the door.

Using Lavadragan, Godstone, and Oldwood

To use them, stand behind any square that you cannot step on. Then use it so that the ball or light goes into the hole. It will freeze time and attack. Note: OldWood is stronger if on a Grass stage. If you are on a Grass stage and there is a hole (for Oldwood to be summoned), it will give out 440 damage.

Using Slasher

Hold A and if an enemy comes in front of you, they will get hit.

Removing panels

When you get into a battle and there are panels that move you up and down, wait until the chip selector appears. If Repair is in your deck, use it and it will take away the panels that move you up and down.

Transparent Mega Man

Go to a panel in Kotobuki, Yumland, or Undernet and slide on the arrow panels. Walk back into the panels. Note: It should not t let you through. This will make two Mega Man bodies appear; if not, just two faces.

Free look at a locked cube

If you want to just take a look at the purple cube and you have an Unlocker, save the game next to it. Use the Unlocker and if the item is bad, then reset the game.

Element styles

The Element of the type of chips you use depends on what style you get first. For example, Fire Chips for Fire Element, Water Chips for Water Element, etc.

Blocking Fishys

Whenever you fight a Fishy (V1 V2 or V3), use a chip that sets up an obstacle (Remobit, Guardian, etc.) and put it in front of you. The Fishys cannot go through these obstacles. This is useful for buying time to get chips or P.A. in the exams.

Shadow Wide Sword

If you have any type of Shadow Chip and already upgraded the charge in your Mega Man profile, equip the Shadow Chip during battle and charge your Blaster while you are in shadow mode. When the charge is ready, release A and you will immediately transport to the enemy panels. The closest enemy to you will be hit with the Shadow Wide Sword, as well as anyone else in a vertical angle. The damage is the same from your Blaster when charged.

Third folder

Defeat Shadowman and Freezeman. Then, go to the Mother Computer area. Go to the second mini-computer (the first one you jack into). There will be a girl there that wants a Bigbomb Star. Give one to her and she will give you a Program Advance Folder. Note: It does not contain every Chip for every Program Advance.

Battle Bass

After defeating Planetman, you can fight the real Bass. He has 2000 HP and a Life Aura 1 that will reappear. When you defeat him, you will get his Bass chip.

Battle Pharaohman

After completing the game, go to the WWW area from the Undernet. Unlock the security cubes with a S license lock and you will get to Pharaohman. This battle is similar to the fight with Thunderman. He has two coffins that will do most of the attacking for him, but he does not attack very often. When he does, he will put a switch on the battlefield that activates a trap. For this battle, chips like Stepsword and Cannonball work very well, but the coffins act like shields and can block chips such as Cannon very easily. Pharaohman has 1200 hp.

Defeating Bass

Bass is weak against Wood. You need Wood style to defeat Bass.

Defeating Gateman

If you have the style Fireguts, charge your attack by holding A then release it. Even if he has used Remo Gate, the flames will pass right through, and if aimed correctly, will hit him regardless. The flames also destroy his soldiers easily.

Defeating Gutsman

During your battle with him, move Mega Man to one of the front squares. When you do this, Gutsman will approach to punch you. Dodge the punch by moving sideways, then immediately move back to the original location and hit him with a chip. He will now move to a different square, then return to hit you again. When this happens, do the same thing again. When you run out of chips, charge your Megabuster and hit him with it. Note: This strategy will only work with a Guts-style Mega Man.

Have the Woodguts style (preferably v3). When fighting Gutsman, stand on one of the front three tiles while charging your Buster. When he comes up to punch you, take one step back and fire your Buster. Gutsman will be hit with a strong tornado and will be stunned. While he is stunned, hit him with a strong chip, such as a sword or PA.

Defeating Protoman

Before you fight Protoman, make sure that all your FireSwrds, ElecSwrds, and AquaSwrds are in your folder. When the battle starts, always stay in the middle panels. When Protoman comes up close to slash you, slide to the back panels then move back to the middle and hit him with a sword of any kind. The previously listed swords are recommended. Repeat this until you win.

Defeating Toadman v3

Use P.A. 2X Hero, which does 70 per hit. However if you use Attack +30, every shot will do 100 damage to Toadman. He has 900 HP, so he will only have 100 HP remaining. Then, use any kind of chip that damages 100.

Defeating Thunderman

When it comes time to get on the net and find your stolen Battlechips, you must netbattle Thunderman. To defeat him easily, put a Fan in your folder as a default chip; or make sure it comes up soon in the battle. When you use it, Thunderman will be pulled up front. When the Fan gets destroyed, he cannot move forwards or backwards. Use swords, dashattacks, quakes, and anything lethal while he either tries to hit you with lightning or uses his clouds to shoot electricity at you. When you attack and make a hit, his attack will immediately stop. While he is off guard, use your gun or any other chips to inflict more damage. However, be careful of the three clouds sliding back and forth. If you are not on guard and quick to move sideways, these clouds could cost you a victory as they are formidable in battle.

Defeating the V3 Navis

You can defeat at least three of the V3 Navis with an easy S rating using this method. On most of the folders you build to defeat V3 Navis, do not rely on Recovery Chips. They waste time, which is a very important factor in getting an S rating. Use FireGuts because it gives you a free quick charging 100 damage no matter if you have a chip on hand or not. First, build a wood type folder with many TreeBom1-2-3s and other high damaging chips. Go to MarineHbr and challenge Toadman to a battle by talking to the reporter beside the van. Beat him mercilessly until you have at least five V3 Toadman chips. Second, build an electric type folder and use all your Toadman V3 chips and perhaps some Satelite3 or Magbomb2-3. Buy a lot of LocEnemies from the subchip man in the Netbattler building. Go all the way to Undernet 7 and get Freezeeman V3 to appear, if you have not fought V2, walk over to the left side of the area and down and he should appear. Then, V3 will appear randomly. After you run into his V3 self the first time, save and use a LocEnemy so you can load the save file until it finally runs into him. He is a water type and is stupidly standing on an all ice fight area. Throw any electric things you have at him and get five V3 chips from him. The Toadman V3 chips do 720 damage to him in one shot, since he is taking four times the damage from electric type chips. Finally, build a water type folder and this time use all your Freezeman V3 chips you just collected. Goto the airport and fight Heatman, who is the character with red hair in the final departure room of the airport. He is easy with your Freezeman V3 chips, they are a bit random but most definitely one of the most powerful chips when you combine them with +Attack or +Navi chips. There are a total of about eight or nine attacks and the + chip will add to each one of those attacks.

To get past second gate in WWW area (which means grabbing all V3 Navi chips except WWW Navis), grab five Gateman V2 or V3 (preferable) chips, five Gateman chips and three other good Navi chips if you have a team style; five of each Attack+ chips and five of each Navi+ chips. For whatever is left or what you cannot find or have, add all the rest of your powerful, accurate, chips and perhaps a P.A. or two. When fighting annoying V3 Navis, get aligned with them and use a powered up Gateman chip. This way, the maximum HP you could knock off them in one Gateman V3 chip is 800. You can also try this with Bass chips.

Recommended chips

The following chips are highly recommended; find them whenever possible:

    StepSword (from the chip trader special in MarineHarbor)

    MagBomb3 (from Magneakers in WWW Area3)

    Attack+20 (include as many as possible of these if you use chips that deal damage multiple times, such the Yo-Yo chips. They are found in various places)

    PopUp (gotten from Moles in UnderNet6)

Getting each of the five stars

    Yellow star: Complete the game one time.
    Green star: Defeat all four of the hidden bosses in the WWW areas.
    Blue star: Complete the Program Advance List. Darkness is not required.
    Red star: Get a data library of 250 chips.
    Purple star: Get all of the secret chips.


In order to receive a style, you have defeated Shadowman Exe in the mother computer:

    Guts style: Use your buster and charged canon shots to defeat your enemies. Note: This style is very helpful in the beginning.

    Team styles: Use Navi chips to defeat your enemies.

    Shield styles: You must use Guard and Barrier chips. Note: You must not get hit when using these.

    Attack style: Use only Battle chips to defeat your enemies, such as Shot Gun ,Wide Sword, Heat Shot, etc. If you get this style, you will start a battle with seven chips instead of four.

    Hub style: You must be able to try the SSS licence. After you get all the clues you are supposed to get for problem one, you have to find the Navi Master, which is you father. You will battle every Navi such as Protoman, Gutsman, etc. After that, your next style change is Hub style.

Varswrd combos

Once you have received a Varswrd, you can create different attacks by performing button combos as follows:

    Long Sword: Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward.
    Wide Sword: Press Up, Forward, Down.
    Fighter Sword: Press Back, Down, Forward.
    Life Sword: Press Down, Back, Up, Forward, Down.
    Tri-blade Attack: Press Back, B, Forward, B.

Punch techniques

There are punch techniques that can be used while holding a press. You will hear a sound when these are used:

    Bronze Fist (Rocket Punch): Press Left, Down, Right
    Silver Fist (Triple Rocket Punch): Press Right, Up, Left, Down Right
    Gold Fist (Triple rocket punch 3X each line): Press B, Left, Down, Right

Var sword

    Long Sword: Press Up, Left, Down
    Wide Sword: Press Up, Right, Down
    Fighter Sword: Press Up, Down, Right
    Tri Slash Wave: Press Left, B, Right.B

Recovery Deck

If you are very far in the game (for example, when you are first in Netopia), then make a deck like the following:

    TreeBom1 – 5
    Sword – 2
    WideSwrd – 2
    Recov50 – 5
    Recov80 – 5
    Repair – 1
    Candle1 – 2
    Invis2 – 2
    Invis3 – 1
    Navi+20 – 3
    Roll – 1
    Roll V2 – 1

Recommended Deck

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If you have completed the game once (when you first defeat Gospel) and have one or more star stars, try to make a deck as follows to get very quick random encounters or easy Boss battles (to get chips for the ACDC Town Chip Trader Special only). For best results, use a Shld style that starts you off with a barrier. This way when you get ZeusHamr in your first set of chips in a battle, you can use it and not get hurt:

    GateManV3 – 4
    GutsManV3 – 1
    TreeBom3 – 1
    AquaBlde – 2
    ElecBlde – 2
    FireBlde – 2
    GoldFist – 1
    StepSwrd – 3
    ZeusHamr – 1
    MedCloud – 2
    Lance – 1
    CannBall – 4
    Meteor18 – 2
    FireSwrd – 1
    AquaSwrd – 1
    ElecSwrd – 1
    Guardian – 1

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