Megaman Star Force 3: Black Ace Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

Megaman Star Force 3: Black Ace Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

Megaman Star Force 3: Black Ace


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Note: This game is also titled Ryuusei No Rockman 3: Black Ace .

Random Sigma Boss appearances

At the title screen, hold L and tap the following gold stars in order: S Comp Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, Black Ace Star. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Fight against RogueZZ

At the title screen, hold L and tap the following gold stars in order: G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. RogueZZ will appear in the Meteor G Ctrl CC in the Orbital Base.

Alternate title screen

Earn all five gold stars. Then, hold L and tap the Black Ace Star.

Noise Cards

Go to the Megaman menu, and tap the box to the right. Enter one of the following codes to create the corresponding card. You can then combine the cards into a hand to get the corresponding bonus effect. Note: When entering the codes, use the following layout on the touch screen. There are five suits (Spade, Clubs, Heart, Diamonds, and Joker). Jokers cannot go together. There is no limit to how many cards you can have in a single suit. Combos of some cards will cause bugs in battle.

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[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q] [B] [F] [J] [N] [R] [C] [G] [K] [O] [S] [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

Result Card Code
Leo Kingdom Noise – Fire GA + 1? ESCTPD
More Iron Noise – Break+10 2? DETSLA
Ox Fire Noise – Super Armor 3? STACPM
Hanmari Noise – HP+250 4? FGCEMA
Meramanda Noise – Fire+10 5? NGRTEM
Akashiisar Noise – Support Attack Panel 6? SRBTMI
Death Count Noise – Flash Body 7? EQPGOC
Strongo Noise – Charge Heavy Dawn 8? QDAGSK
Mettrio Noise – Reflect 9? CIARMB
Bobobon Noise – Support Bomb Raiser 10? KQHALE
Jack Corvus Noise – Fire+20 11? ARCNOT
Moeroader Noise – HP+150 12? RSTMLC
Harp Noise – Normal GA + 12? RAIPHD
Ororon Noise – HP+200 1? HNQCRB
Flamer Noise – Charge Machine Flame 2? KPQCMJ
Daba Dance Noise – Support Attack+10 3? BPRSQI
Sirius Noise – Break+20 5? CDMQHP
Dokkaan Noise – Fire+10 7? QFIEBP
Libra Balance Noise – HP+400 8? NRKGHB
Edolade Noise – Sword+10 9? DPKGIL
Warrock Copy Noise – Support Double Eater 10? NDMCSK
Iwaganko Noise – Charge + 11? DARKHQ
Hell Black Noise – +Poison Panel 13? HRISTG
Apollo Flame Noise – First Aura 13? ITEMSQ
Inadran Noise – Thunder+10 2? CKBRHA
Moon Disaster Noise – HP+300 3? RTLQOD
Korobolter Noise – Support Panic Cloud 4? KBSLAM
Eyes Noise – Plus Invis 5? FADHQT
Killme Noise – HP+200 6? BSCLTD
Phantom Black Noise – Undershirt 7? DNQIHA
Eremera Noise – HP+150 8? QPOSHA
Noised Wizard Noise – +Zetsuen Panel 9? GKLROA
Vulcane Noise – Charge Mad Vulcan 10? DIQSOA
Bigripper Noise – HP+250 11? FTKPHS
Nainai Noise – Plus Blind 12? TBMGPQ
Burai Noise – Sword+20 13? IBDPEL
Basarika Noise – HP+200 1? ISHPLM
Bellgong Noise – HP+150 2? KDCRQB
Mairie Noise – HP+150 3? CLEDQH
Speared Noise – Charge Flash Spear 4? KLHQAI
Crown Thunder Noise – Support Paralyse Stage 6? PGMRHB
Hotarou Noise – Thunder+10 7? MSPGBH
Billy Ace Noise – Plus Paralyze 8? MAEQTL
Empty Noise – Paralyze Body 9? HQILRS
Spade Magnets Noise – Thunder+20 10? IEKTGH
Stealth Noise – HP+150 11? DLIQCB
Majou Nail Noise – HP+150 13? CLQTSF
Gemini Spark Noise – Thunder GA + 1? LCQHEK
Mu Cube Noise – Charge Mu Technology 1? SBCRKP
Mojahei Noise – Wood+10 2? FISBDJ
Wolf Forest Noise – HP+400 4? PAQCTO
Monosword Noise – Sword+10 5? PMGKSH
Kogarashimaru Noise – Plus Wind 6? HITBCR
Powdereef Noise – +Green Panel 7? ESRDPF
Goat Kungfu Noise – Quick Gauge 8? INQAEL
Club Strong Noise – Wood+20 9? EQDSMC
Kakapet Noise – Support Kusamura 11? DBOLCE
Pasarin Noise – Support Recovery30 12? MDICLN
Spidera Noise – HP+250 13? ILEBHR
Cubhorn Noise – HP+250 1? PABDQS
Condor Geograph Noise – Air Shoes 2? SCIPHL
Clocker Noise – HP+250 3? SGHATB
Flatter Noise – Wood+10 4? CRISTB
Dragon Sky Noise – Wood GA + 5? QTORMI
Rirish Noise – Charge Spread 7? TLQEDB
Uringa Noise – HP+250 8? BTFCSD
Nukkii Noise – Kawarimi 9? DSPLHB
Errand Noise – Support Divide 10? SQPDAF
Ophiuchus Queen Noise – HP+400 12? RSAKTN
Shurimaru Noise – Charge Shuriken 13? RCFMBA
Cygnus Wing Noise – Float Shoes 6? ADQGMO
Rabijet Noise – +Ice Panel 1? SHCIMG
Killshack Noise – Aqua+10 3? PSCKMA
Auriga General Noise – Support Whistle 4? KEFPAR
Wheelz Noise – Charge Giza Wheel 5? EITGOA
Snow Goron Noise – First Barrier 6? HELARO
Dia Iceburn Noise – Aqua+20 7? MPIBQT
Okutarin Noise – Support Black Ink 9? QBARPC
Piranish Noise – HP+250 10? NPIMRT
Neverra Noise – Gravity Body 11? QCRGBN
Shishikashoe Noise – Plus Panic 12? FACEIB
Pegasus Magic Noise – Aqua GA + 13? SPIRBL
Pullmin Noise – Aqua+10 1? BCNTMP
Sawanigga Noise – Support Ice 2? EKNCHO
Penkirah Noise – Charge Ice Spinning 3? QGCPMD
Junkness Noise – Break+10 4? DRLKGI
Jamminga Noise – HP+250 5? KTACNL
Yeti Blizzard Noise – Freeze Body 6? LSOGQM
Arrowskull Noise – Plus Gravity 7? ICEPRD
Heel Wizard Noise – +Paralyse Panel 8? RCQFDL
Cannobase Noise – HP+150 10? SCFTGM
Brachio Wave – HP+150 11? CNQRMB
Queen Virgo Noise – MegaClass+1 12? RPABDH
Nyorofuun Noise – HP+250 13? KGHCOM
Cancer Bubble Noise – Bubble Body 2? IQMDLA
Grave Joker Noise – Body Pack Joker SEHDQB
Andromeda Noise – MAX Buster Joker OLSQAD
Acid Ace Noise – Auto Lockon Joker QFLPSB
Ra Mu Noise – Support Invisible Joker SIHRAF
Crimson Dragon Noise – HP+500 Joker RQISND

The following hands can be created from the cards:

Hand Result
Flush (Spade) Float Shoes
Flush (Heart) Super Armor
Flush (Club) Kawarimi and HP+200
Flush (Diamonds) Air Shoes
2 Pair No Bonus, No Bugs
3 Card No Bonus, No Bugs
4 Card MegaClass+2
5 Card Status Guard
Full House MaxHP+500
Straight HP+300
Straight Flush GigaClass+1 and MegaClass+1
Royal Straight Flush Auto Lockon

Rezon cards

Successfully complete Story mode. At the main menu, select the “Brother” option, then choose the center portrait to enter the “Profile” screen. Tap the bottom box. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding card. They can be shared with people in your Brother Band team. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: When entering the codes, use the following layout on the touch screen:

[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q] [B] [F] [J] [N] [R] [C] [G] [K] [O] [S] [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

Result Code
Ultimate Aqua Master: Aqua cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Ice Panel KOEAIQ
Ultimate Battle Master: Null cards +3, Attack Stars, Charge Shot Finalize Mad Vulcan BTRLPD
Ultimate Break Master: Break cards +3, Attack Stars, Charge Finalize Drill Arm PADMLS
Ultimate Finalize: Finalize Turn+2, Access LV+1, Charge Finalize Cannon KLADJE
Ultimate Fire Master: Fire cards +3, Attack Stars, Charge Shot Finalize Machine Flame DOFMAP
Ultimate Guard Master: Finalize Turn+1, Finalize Holy Field, Finalize Aura CMDGPL
Ultimate Paralyze Master: Charge Finalize Plasma Shot, Finalize Paralyze Panel SGALMK
Ultimate Sword Master: Sword cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Super Barrier GPELAI
Ultimate Thunder Master: Thunder cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Zetsuen Panel GDHQPM
Ultimate Wood Master: Wood cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Kusamura Panel GDIEHP

White cards

At the main menu, select the “Brother” option, then choose the center portrait to enter the “Profile” screen. Tap the White Card box at the top right. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding card. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: When entering the codes, use the following layout on the touch screen:

[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q] [B] [F] [J] [N] [R] [C] [G] [K] [O] [S] [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

Result Code
Anger Fire 3, Time Bomb 3, Bobobon Bomb 3, Bobobon Bomb 3 LPBKDJ
Beast Swing 1, Gravity Plus, Giza Wheel 1, Ice Spinning 1 GFKSLR
Beast Swing 3, Beast Swing 3, Death Scythe 3, Heel Wizard 3 TLSRPJ
Beast Swing 3, Heel Wizard 2, Double Eater, Jack Corvus GLRHED
Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Sword Fighter 3, Acid Ace V3 KJRLBD
Break Sabre, Giza Wheel 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Acid Ace JCKDBA
Break Sabre, Heat Upper 3, Heavy Down 3, Hammer Weapon 3 RBDLCI
Daba Flame 3, Heat Upper 3, Anger Fire 3, Machine Flame 3 KQBPAH
Destroy Upper, Stun Knuckle, Freeze Knuckle, Poison Knuckle KICMJT
Double Eater, Wide Wave 3, Bubble Hook 3, Queen Virgo BTRIFJ
Elec +30, Flash Spear 3, Inazuma Head 3, Spade Magnets V3 THFLJI
Elec Slash, Sword Fighter 3, Wood Slash, Dancing Blade 3 SLBHDT
Flash Spear 3, Inazuma Head 2, Elec Slash, Elec Slash SKQALD
Fourth Element: Flash Spear 2, Shark Cutter 2, Heat Upper 2, Shuri Shuriken 2 JRQTLA
Great Axe, Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Hammer Weapon 3 SJBMPL
Hammer Weapon 3, Heat Upper 3, Great Axe, Grave Joker DKLEAH
Heat Upper 2, Anger Fire 1, Time Bomb 2, Daba Flame 1 JSTKAP
Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 2, Blue Ink RTALSJ
Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 3, Flame Axe DKMPHI
Ice Spinning 3, Wide Wave 3, Shark Cutter 3, Bubble Hook 3 BFGJIM
Jet Attack 3, Skull Arrow 3, Skull Arrow 3, Hammer Weapon 3 DTOFKL
Kogarashi 3, Death Scythe 3, Tornado Dance, Windy Attack 3 OGBFKL
Meteorite Barrage, Gravity Plus, Wide Wave 1, Beast Swing 1 CSTKQN
MiniGrenade, Sword, WideSword, LongSword IJDCEO
Mummy Hand 3, Dummy Spider 3, Elec Slash, Thunder of Earth 3 JDFICS
Panic Cloud, Panic Cloud, Flash Spear 3, Powder Shot 3 BSCHLJ
Powder Shot 3, Vulcan Seed 1, Vulcan Seed 2, Shuri Shuriken 3 EGIKMP
Powered Red Joker: Atomic Blazer, Attack +10, Beast Swing 1, Heat Upper 1 HNDKLQ
Shuri Shuriken 3, Wide Wave 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Smile Coin 3 STKGHM
Sword Fighter 1, Ground Wave 3, Noised Wizard 2, Drill Arm 3 SHDETN
Tornado Dance, Air Spread 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Mad Vulcan 3 KFHPLD
White Card 1: Plasma Gun, Stealth Laser 2, Mummy Hand 1, Inazuma Head 1 SLDTCI
White Card 2: Green Ink, Dummy Spider 1, Shuri Shuriken 1, Thunder Shoot 2 ACTKGM
White Card 3: Whistle, Drill Arm 1, Drill Arm 2, Windy Attack 1 DFEJTH
White Card 4: Bubble Hook 1, Bubble Hook 1, Flash Spear 2, Inazuma Head 2 SIHFQK
White Card 5: Black Ink, Flash Spear 2, Bubble Hook 1, Mummy Hand 2 EJHRPG
White Card 6: Windy Attack 1, Windy Attack 1, Noised Wizard 1, Noised Wizard 2 JDBPLC
White Card 7: Giza Wheel 2, Ground Wave 2, Shuri Shuriken 1, Ice Spinning 1 JQMAKC
White Card 8: Heavy Cannon, Drill Arm 2, Heat Upper 2, Heavy Dawn 1 FJLEDR
White Card 9: Heel Wizard 1. Bubble Hook 1, Elec Slash, Dummy Spider 1 HRJKBQ
White Card 10: Barrier, Cannon, Cannon, Cannon IJMHQP
White Card 11: Double Eater, Beast Swing 3, Whistle, Great Axe JKIPTD
White Card 12: Rolling Nuts 1, Rolling Nuts 2, Count Bomb 3, Machine Flame 1 IDHBGT
White Card 13: Wide Wave 2, Shark Cutter 2, Ice Grenade, Ice Grenade AGHTRQ
White Card 14: Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 2, Edogiri Blade 1 RSBQPH
White Card 15: Synchro Hook 1, Freeze Knuckle, Stun Knuckle, Heat Upper 3 IDOSTE
White Card 16: Fire +30, Anger Fire 3, Ox Fire V2, Machine Flame 3 KDANJH
White Card 17: Aqua +30, Bubble Hook 3, Shark Cutter 3, Dia Iceburn V2 GHDRJL
White Meteor, Time Bomb 3, Heavy Dawn 3, Machine Flame 3 MFQLHJ
Windy Attack 3, Typhoon Dance, Tornado Dance, Death Scythe 2 TDAFIQ
Wood +30, Kogarashi 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Club Strong V3 EMJKAD
Wood Slash, Dummy Spider 2, Shuri Shuriken 2, Stealth Lazer 2 MISBLT

Cipher Code items

Speak to the orange wizard holding a surfboard inside the Big Wave store at Echo Ridge. Enter one of the following Cipher Codes that he asks for to get the corresponding item:

Item Code
AcidAce V3 card Eta67300
AcornBomb3 card Upsilon79755
AirShoes/260 ability Sigma08312
AirSpread3 card Delta86531
AntiDmg/250 ability Phi40588
BeastSlap3 card Psi07280
BigDrop3 card Lamda09373
BN BlstrEX weapon Omega68805
BubblHook3 card Omicron74574
Bug Claw weapon [Note] Iota28274
Bushido3 card Mu13420
ClubStrng V3 card Gamma31412
ClubStrngV3 card [Note] Beta20976
CygnsWing V3 card Theta78108
DangerRing weapon Psi09659
Dark Energy item Theta32596
DblEater card Omega42348
DivideLine card Delta75148
DreadJokr V3 card Zeta11702
DrillArm3 card Chi83559
DrkPhntm V3 card Kappa34080
FlashStrk3 card Sigma66019
GaleClaw weapon Chi78584
GigCls + 1/400 ability Upsilon28454
GyakuFuunotsume weapon [Note] Xi78584
HP+50/110 ability Epsilon07292
HP+500/450 ability Rho65958
IceSpin3 card Pi95941
Invisible card Beta86425
JackCorvs V3 card Epsilon71083
KiloBomb1 card Zeta78695
MadFire3 card Xi33819
MechFlame3 card Nu31121
MegaBoost card Xi23308
MegCls+1/270 ability Tau90338
MoonDstry V3 card Mu66767
MuTech3 card Phi24914
QueenVrgo V3 card Delta18946
Rogue 3 card Lamda72890
Search Eye item Theta71782
Shuriken3 card Tau78431
Sirius V3 card Nu73618
Small Energy item Alpha85072
Small Energy item Beta95104
Small Energy item Gamma19606
Small Energy item Delta51999
Small Energy item Alpha53637
SpadMgnes V3 card Alpha40352
StrngSwngV3 card Omicron64221
ThndrHead3 card Rho17385
Unlocker item Iota20404
VirusClaw weapon Eta28274
WickdFlame card Pi62739
WolfWoodsV3 card [Note] Iota16196

Note: Only works in the Japanese version of the game.

Alternate title screen

Successfully complete Story mode. The title screen will now either feature Geo or Omega-Xis. Shidou will now say “Shooting Star Rockman 3” instead of “Ryuusei No Rockman 3”.

Successfully complete the indicated task to have the corresponding golden star appear at the title screen. After unlocking all five stars, you can challenge Crimson Dragon SP.

    Black Ace Star: Successfully complete Story mode.
    G Comp Star: Collect all the Giga cards.
    M Comp Star: Collect all the Mega cards.
    S Comp Star: Collect all the Standard cards.
    SS Star: Defeat Sirius.

Successfully complete the indicated task with a special wireless transmission to have the corresponding silver star appear at the title screen.

    AA/GJ Star: Defeat Acid Ace BB or Grave Joker RR.
    Mu Star: Defeat Burai ZZ.
    Sigma Star: Defeat Apollo Flame Sigma, Moon Disaster Sigma, and Sirius Sigma.

Black Ace wallpaper

Unlock all five gold stars, then fight Crimson Dragon again. Defeat him, and allow the credits and ending sequence to complete. You will unlock the Black Ace wallpaper to use as a background for your Hunter VG.

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