Metroid Prime Pinball Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)

Metroid Prime Pinball Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)

(Sung to the tune of Pinball Wizard by The Who from the musical Tommy)

Ever since I was a young Metroid
I’ve played the silver ball
From SR388 to Zebes
I must have played them all
But I ain’t seen nothing like it
In any galactic amusement hall
That chick Samus Aran
Sure becomes a mean pinball

The two boards that it loads with
Look great on your DS machine
Unlock more as you kick ass
Yeah, you know what I mean
The shoulder triggers are the flippers
Which kinda hurts your hands
The touch screen allows you to tilt
But it won’t be in demand

She’s a pinball Metroid
You know there had to be a twist
A pinball Metroid
Nintendo fans can’t resist!

How do you think they do it?
(I don’t know)
Maybe they stole the idea from Mario….

Nintendo crammed it all in
Phazons, bombs, buzzers and bells
Multi-ball and mini games
Have Samus send em’ back to Hell,
But you can’t control the plunger
Which makes no sense at all,
But that blond headed space chick
Sure is a mean pinball

I thought I was
The Metroid Prime Pinball King
But I just handed
My pinball crown to Cole….(Bling Bling!)

The visuals are quite tasty
And the sounds they are the best
This game will rock and rumble
Included is the Rumble Cart for DS
Play with up to 8 players in WiFi
Using only one disc for all
Nintendo has a sure fire hit,
With Metroid Prime Pinball.

That might be asking a lot of you guys to remember good old Pinball Wizard, but I thought I’d try. NIntendo’s Metroid Prime Pinball manages to succeed where Super Mario Pinball failed (but I liked that game!). It takes the subject matter somewhat more seriously than Mario’s foray into the silver ball and I think fans will appreciate the direction more because of it. The included Rumble Pack for the DS adds an all new and exciting dimension to handheld pinball and trust me when I say that even though it’s a small thing – it makes MPP feel just right. As in all video pinball games, you’ll question some of the physics here and there, but you’ll most likely be so harried from all of the action that you won’t be fretting about it for too long.

It would be easy to treat Metroid Prime Pinball as a novelty game on a gimmicky system, but in truth it can be a blast to while away the hours. The nice thing about pinball – real or digital – is that it’s never the same game twice and thus has unlimited playability. You don’t have to be a diehard Metroid fan to dig the onscreen action either, but being one will certainly help you recognize all of the little flourishes that only true Samus sympathizers will appreciate.

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