Microsoft also Tried to Buy Twitch

Microsoft also Tried to Buy Twitch

It is said that YouTube’s purchase of Twitch for $1 billion is nearing an end. As reported by The Verge, however, it turns out that Google wasn’t the first the company to approach the livestreaming service.

According to The Verge, Twitch initially rejected other proposals of purchase from other companies like Microsoft, but was willing to accept a partnership with YouTube.

Allegedly, according to sources close to the matter, Twitch and Microsoft had agreed on a price and were working out details such as Twitch’s independence as a company and a brand.

However, Twitch has been said to have evaluated possible bids with Google, and has allegedly decided that YouTube will be the best fit to help the company grow. Twitch is said to believe that Google can help it become what it wants to be: the definitive platform for watching and streaming live gaming experiences.

Microsoft and others have made serious approaches to Twitch, ” claims the source, “ but YouTube was deemed the better fit. It’s unlikely that the gamer-friendly Twitch would have wanted any part of a deal that would tie the service to Xbox, as it’s embedded in Sony’s rival PlayStation console as well.

You can read The Verge’s report on the matter via the source link below.

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