Microsoft Announces Xbox Live for PC

Microsoft Announces Xbox Live for PC


Since E3 2006, Microsoft has been promising Live Anywhere, a service that would connect mobile phones, PCs, and Xbox 360s with a universal account. It seems the company may be one closer to make the dream a reality.

Microsoft has officially announced Games for Windows – Live, the PC portion of Live Anywhere. Beginning on May 8, Windows Vista owners will be able to begin collecting achievements, creating a Gamerscore, compiling friends lists, and sending text and voice messages. If you already have an Xbox Live account, you also have a Games for Windows – Live account at no extra cost. Don’t have a Live account, but want a Games for Windows – Live account? The pricing will be the same. Silver memberships will be free and Gold memberships will be available for $49.99 for a year.

Silver memberships will allow for single-player achievements, private text and voice chat, friends lists, and PC-only multiplayer, including browsing a list of active PC games.

Gold benefits will include all silver benefits along with multiplayer matchmaking with friends, TrueSkill matchmaking, multiplayer achievements, and cross-platform gameplay.

And if this isn’t exciting enough, the first game available for Games for Windows – Live will be Halo 2, also available on May 8. Following closely behind Halo 2 will be Shadowrun, which allows Xbox 360 and Vista gamers to play with or against each other, and Uno, the Xbox Live Arcade hit.

Games for Windows – Live will look similar to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360, but no Marketplace feature will be available yet. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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