Microsoft Press Conference: New GTA Info, Halo 3 & More!

Microsoft Press Conference: New GTA Info, Halo 3 & More!


The Microsoft press conference was full of exciting surprises for Xbox users. Peter Moore happily announced some exciting upcoming titles. Fable 2, Forza Motorsport 2, and Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 are all announced.

Several new games called Blue Dragon and Viva Pinata were also revealed. Both games are geared toward children. Blue Dragon is an action game that will be available in Japan later this year. The trailer showed a cartoon kid flying a spaceship over a battlefield. Viva Pinata allows players to develop a pinata farm. The pinatas are named after candy. We would elaborate more…but that is basically it.

Microsoft also announced a game called Alan Wake that has the catchy tagline that goes something like “the only thing worse than not sleeping is being awake.” A tagline which you will only understand the true meaning of if you play the game.

Microsoft awed us with a screen featuring the Grand Theft Auto IV logo plastered on it. “Microsoft and Rockstar have entered into an exclusive deal to provide episodic content via Xbox Live Marketplace,” Moore stated. This is all of the information Microsoft and Rockstar provided us, but even this had diehard GTA fans barely containing their standing ovation (although several journalists may have passed out from the excitement of the moment).

And as if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft also let us hear a speech from none other than Bill Gates. Gates was at the conference in order to explain to us the future of gaming. Microsoft plans to launch a new platform called “Live Anywhere.” The platform will be part of Windows Vista and will allow gamers to use one user interface, one identity, one friends list, one message center, one marketplace. Yes, unity is the future for Xbox Live Anywhere users. If executed as promised, Microsoft will integrate your Xbox 360, PC, and mobile phone. For instance, if you are working on your computer and someone on your friends list is playing a game on their Xbox 360, they can invite you to play on your PC. He can play his 360 and you can play your PC.

Bill Gates and Peter Moore left the stage and Microsoft left us with a promising video of Halo 3. In the middle of a wasteland destructed by war, Master Chief comes out of the smoke. Enormous Covenant dropships in the sky swarm atop a giant Forerunner gateway. The gateway lights up, we are warned of the end of the world…and the Halo 3 logo appears.

Check out our full coverage here.  As we learn more about Microsoft’s intention for the next year, we will keep you posted so be sure to check back again soon.

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