Microsoft Releases Games for Windows LIVE 3.0

Microsoft Releases Games for Windows LIVE 3.0


Yesterday we fired up the old laptop to play a little Fallout 3. Sure enough, an update for LIVE was installed along with another one for Windows.

Other than some slick cosmetic changes, the biggest addition to the service is that players can now purchase add-ons to their favorite games without exiting the game itself. Also, you can realize account management changes without exiting. Simply by accessing the dashboard in-game, you can change credit card info, buy MS Points, edit your gamertag, etc.

Finally, the GFW 3.0 gives developers and publishers greater piracy protection. While some gamers might not be thrilled by the increased difficulty whilst pirating, Microsoft is confident that top companies in the gaming industry will flock to Games for Windows because they are more likely get paid for their work.

Below you’ll find essentially the same info (though more detailed) as posted by Microsoft on their official site.

Press Release:

In-game Marketplace

The biggest feature is the in-game marketplace, which lets you purchase items for your game from within the game itself. You no longer have to exit your game to view or purchase Game Add-ons.

Once you’ve bought something, Games for Windows – LIVE will download the Game Add-ons and install it all from within the game. You no longer have to leave the game experience to grab the latest addition to your favorite game! You can also re-download previous purchases if you need to as well.

Account Management

You can manage your Games for Windows – LIVE account without leaving the comfort of your game with these features:

Purchase Microsoft Points with a credit card

Edit your credit card information

Add a new credit card

Redeem codes for purchases

Change your Gamertag from the Edit Gamer Profile page in the Guide

Changing a Gamertag

Anti-piracy Protection

Starting with new title releases this fall, publishers can optionally take advantage of two new methods to ensure everyone’s playing with a legitimate copy of their games.

Server Side Authentication links the game license to your Gamertag. The advantage of this method is that it allows installation of the game onto any PC, anywhere — only you can access the LIVE service from the game. Server Side Authentication has no affect on offline play..

Zero Day Piracy Protection keeps games from launching before the street date the publisher has set for the game.

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