Xbox One Update Offers New Language, Pre-order Options

Xbox One Update Offers New Language, Pre-order Options

Know what’s great about Xbox One updates? They almost always make some sort of major change to the system. Take the next preview update, for example. There are new language independence and pre-order adjustments that are huge.

First, the language issue. Previously, if you wanted a certain language on your console, you’d have to choose a location with that language. After this preview update is applied, you can choose whichever supported language you want, regardless of where you actually live.

There’s also an alteration in the way pre-orders work. Previously, pre-ordering a game automatically meant  you’d pay for it. Now, it might not. Your account will only have funds deducted if you buy the game within ten days of its release. If you place your pre-order earlier, the money won’t be deducted until ten days before the game’s released.

Here are the full update notes for the rs1_xbox_rel_1606.160616-1800 preview, in case you can’t see them in the private preview forum on Xbox.com .


Language Independence
Based on overwhelming fan feedback, we’ve enabled Language Independence to give you even more choices over your Xbox experience and how you engage with your Xbox One. Language Independence gives you the freedom to choose any supported language on Xbox One, regardless of your location.

Please try out this capability and give us your feedback. If you encounter any issues, change your language and location settings back to their previous values to see if the issue still exists. We look forward to your feedback.

Game Pre-orders
When purchasing a game pre-order, funds may no longer be deducted from your account immediately (depending on when the game pre-order is purchased). Pre-order funds will now be deducted from your account 10 days or less prior to the game’s release date.


My Games & Apps
Resolved an issue which sometimes caused game and app installations to get stuck in the Queue and fail to install.

Xbox Universal Store
• When attempting to purchase In Between in the Store, the Store page no longer displays an error.
• Resolved an issue which caused free content for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to fail to display.

Blu-Ray Player
The Blu-Ray Player app should no longer fail to play discs after an app update.

• Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause poor speech recognition.
• YouTube, Netflix, OneGuide, and other apps should now be more reliable with See-It-Say-It.
• You can now say “Stop Listening” without saying “Hey Cortana” after using See-It-Say-It.
• OneStore no longer crashes when started from a Cortana voice search.
• Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause Cortana to crash when being snapped.
• Asking Cortana about a friend’s online status now brings up the friend’s profile rather than the friend list.
• There is now a confirmation for launching apps. When Cortana is snapped she will indicate what she is going to launch, allowing you to cancel. Cortana’s responses are also no longer shortened (allowing you to know exactly what is being launched).
• Cortana’s “Listening…” should now appear more quickly after signing in.

EA Access
• EA Access vault titles should now be available to install from the corresponding Store page.
• You should now be able to purchase the EA Access Hub from the Store.

Screen Dimming
Resolved an issue which could cause the screen to dim in numerous apps.



Xbox Universal Store
Sometimes when purchasing content from the Store, the store interface will appear zoomed in when confirming payment information.
Workaround: Quit and relaunch the Store, then complete the purchase.


Xbox Universal Store
• At this time it’s not possible to redeem a 5×5 code for Xbox Live Gold on the console. Please use Xbox.com or another console not enrolled in the latest Xbox One update to redeem a 5×5 code for Xbox Live Gold.
• You may be unable to buy, rent, or play certain movies or TV shows from the Store (the purchase button may not appear on the Store page). Please buy or rent from the Windows Store on a Windows 10 device or from the online Microsoft Store (http://www.microsoft.com/store/movies-and-tv) and the content will appear in the collection of your Xbox One’s Movies & TV app. The Xbox Video app can be used to purchase content on Windows 8.X/RT PCs and tablets and on Windows Phone 8.X devices. Windows XP, Vista, and 7.X users will need to purchase content from the online Microsoft Store.
• When purchasing in-game currencies, the currencies sometimes fails to appear in-game. Games impacted include World of Tanks, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
• Store pages for purchased games and apps sometimes still show a “Buy” button rather than an “Install” button. If you encounter this issue, please submit feedback via Report a problem.
• The Coming Soon section is not currently available in the Store, and will be enabled in a future update.

Movies & TV
When launching Movies & TV and attempting to play a video, the menu may obstruct part of the screen.

Instant-On Mode
In Instant-On mode, when the console enters connected standby, game and app installations in progress may fail to continue installing.

Payments and Billing
At this time it’s not possible to add, edit, or remove payment options on the console. Please use Xbox.com or another console not enrolled in Redstone to manage payment options.

At this time it’s not possible to purchase a Gamertag change on the console. Please use Xbox.com or another console not enrolled in the latest Xbox One update to change your Gamertag.

• Cortana may take a longer than expected amount of time to use commands like slow, pause, play, mute, and take screenshot.
• Cortana may occasionally fail to recognize a command and direct you instead to a web search.
• Sometimes Cortana reports a poor network connection, when the network connection is fine.
• When Cortana is “Thinking…” sometimes the sound effect continues to loop.
• When using “Hey Cortana Turn Off”, sometimes she fails to recognize “Yes” or “No” to turn off the console.

• Searching the OneStore via Cortana sometimes causes her to search the same keyword multiple times.
• See-It-Say-It sometimes fails to turn on when first launching an app, but will turn on after using a voice command from within the app.
• Cortini sign-in prompts may incorrectly occur when trying to launch an app while not signed in.
• Cortana may fail to launch Skype, Groove, and the Movies & TV app.

• After downloading an app update, the app and all associated content pins will become unpinned from the dashboard. This only occurs once for each app after downloading the latest Xbox One update.
• Pinning content from within apps (TV shows, etc.) is no longer supported.

My Games & Apps
You may encounter an error when attempting to load Ready to Install with a large number of digital games and apps.

Microsoft Edge
While playing a video, pressing the left thumbstick to enter full screen mode causes Microsoft Edge to crash.
Workaround: Use the on-screen full screen button to enter full screen mode.

I’m really excited about that pre-order alteration! It only makes sense, right? If you pre-order a game, you shouldn’t automatically see that money deducted from your account. This is more prudent.

Source: Xbox.com

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