Mortal Kombat 10 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Fatalities, Krypt, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Mortal Kombat 10 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Fatalities, Krypt, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Mortal Kombat 10


Play as Shinnok

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Shinnok.

Bonus stages

Go to the indicated location in the Krypt to purchase the listed stage for the corresponding number of koins:

    “Dead Woods” stage in the Krypt’s Cemetery Grounds area: Go to the Large Grave at coordinates -18, 9, and purchase it for 1,120 koins.

    “Kuantan Palace” stage in the Krypt’s Shao Khan’s Tomb area: Go to the chest at coordinates 4, 8, and purchase it for 1,240 koins.

    “Outworld Marketplace” stage in the Krypt’s Shadow Spider’s Hive area: Go to the Glowing Ball at coordinates 7, 42, and purchase it for 1,150 koins.

Easy experience and koins

Use the following trick to farm experience, Faction experience, and koins, as well as practice brutalities. This requires two controllers. Select the “Two Player” option, and choose the “Kustom Kombat” selection. Select the desired fighters, then choose “Modifiers”. Two of them need to be “Brutality Kombat” and “Dizzy Fatality Kombat”. The other two should be mods that do not throw random things (such as rockets, falling heads, etc.); for example, “Infinite Time” and “Super Meter”. Dizzy Fatality Kombat causes both players to randomly become dizzy, and the opponent can perform their fatality at that time to end the match. Brutality Kombat eliminates the requirements to perform Brutalities. Thus, a Brutality can be performed at any time, ending the match and resulting in an instant finish, a flawless victory, and bonuses. You can adjust your Kombat Kard to add more bonuses for when you perform the Brutality. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

All fatalities and brutalities

There are 26 secret fatalities in the game. The required button combinations are hidden in the moves list. Performing these fatalities once will unlock their button combinations permanently in the moves list. You can also buy them from the Krypt, but it is not necessary. The following is a list of all secret and normal fatalities, and most brutalities:

Cassie Cage

    Brutality (Between The Eyes): Left, Right, Square
    Fatality 1 (Bubble Head): Right, Down, Left, Right, Square (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Selfie): Down, Right, Down, Left, Circle (Mid)


    Brutality 1 (Migraine): Down, Left, Circle
    Brutality 2: Down, Right, Square + Block
    Brutality 3: Down, Left, Square + Block
    Brutality 4: Jump, Down + Throw, Left
    Brutality 5: Throw or Square + X
    Fatality 1 (Bug Me): Left, Right, Left, X (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Heart Broken): Right, Left, Right, Triangle (Close)


    Brutality 1 (Nether Force): Jump, Down, Left, Circle + Block
    Brutality 2 (We Win): Down, Left, Square
    Brutality 3: Left, Right + Triangle
    Brutality 4: Left, Right + Square
    Brutality 5: Left + Triangle
    Fatality 1 (Inner Workings): Down, Up, Left (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Head Out): Right, Down, Down, Up (Mid)

Erron Black

    Brutality 1 (Tunnel Vison): Throw or Square + X
    Brutality 2: Down, Left + Square, Circle
    Brutality 3: Down, Left, Right + Triangle
    Brutality 4: Down, Left + Triangle
    Brutality 5: Down, Right + Triangle
    Fatality 1 (Sand Storm): Down, Left, Right, Down, Square (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Six-Shooter): Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle (Far)


    Brutality 1 (Speed Bag): Down, Left, Right, X
    Brutality 2 (Krush): Down, Up + Block
    Brutality 3 (Chest Bump): Left, Right, Triangle
    Brutality 4 (Tail Spin): Down, Left, Triangle + Block
    Brutality 5 (Shokan Flame): Left, Right, Triangle + Block
    Fatality 1 (Peek-A-Boo): Left, Right, Down, Circle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Shokan Amputation): Left, Down, Down, Up (Close)


    Brutality (Trample): Left, Right, X
    Fatality 1 (Better Than One): Right, Left, Right, Left, X (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Play Time): Down, Left, Right, Left, Left (Mid)

Jacqui Briggs

    Brutality (Mind Blown): Left, Right, Triangle + Block
    Fatality 1 (Blown Out): Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Fist Pump): Right, Down, Left, Circle (Close)


    Brutality: Left, Right, Triangle, Down
    Fatality 1 (T-Wrecks): Right, Left, Down, Triangle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Jax The Ribber): Down, Left, Right, Right (Close)

Johnny Cage

    Brutality (Eye Popping): Left, Down, X
    Fatality 1 (Here’s Johnny): Left, Right, Left, Right, Square (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Little Improv): Right, Left, Right, Right (Mid)


    Brutality 1 (Ballin’): Jump, Left, Right, X, Block
    Brutality 2: Down, Left + Triangle, Block
    Brutality 3: Down, Left + Square + Block
    Brutality 4: Down, Right + Square
    Brutality 5: Down, Right, Left + Circle
    Fatality 1 (Head Case): Down, Right, Down, Left, X (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Knife To Meet You): Down, Down, Right, Square (Far)


    Brutality 1: Triangle, Triangle, Circle
    Brutality 2: Down, Left + Square
    Brutality 3: Left, Right + Triangle + Block
    Brutality 4: Left, Right + X
    Brutality 5: Throw or Square + X
    Fatality 1 (Tele-Copter): Left, Right, Left, Left (Far)
    Fatality 2 (My Puppet): Right, Down, Left, Up (Far)


    Brutality: Left, Right + X
    Fatality 1 (Dark Fan-Tasy): Down, Right, Left, Right, Triangle (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Splitting Hairs): Left, Right, Down, Down (Mid)

Kotal Kahn

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]
    Brutality (Kotally Awesome): Down, Right, Circle
    Fatality 1 (Be Mine!): Down, Left, Right, Square (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Tight Squeeze): Right, Left, Right, Left, Triangle (Close)

Kung Jin

    Brutality (A Little Heart): Down, Right, Triangle
    Fatality 1 (Target Practice): Down, Right, Down, Left, Triangle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Pinned Down): Right, Left, Down, Down, Square (Mid)

Kung Lao

    Brutality: Down, Right + Triangle
    Fatality 1 (Face Grind): Down, Left, Down, Right, Circle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Flower Pot): Down, Right, Down, Left, Square (Close)

Liu Kang

    Brutality (Hot Head): Jump, Left, Right, Square
    Fatality 1 (Sore Throat): Down, Down, Left, Right, Right (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Splitter): Left, Right, Down, Up (Close)


    Brutality (High Roller): Left, Down, Circle
    Fatality 1 (Face Feast): Down, Left, Down, Left, X (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Tasty Treat): Right, Left, Right, Left, Triangle (Close)

Quan Chi

    Brutality (Kurb Stomp): Down, Left, Circle + Block
    Fatality 1 (Mind Games): Right, Left, Right, Left, Circle (Far)
    Fatality 2 (Both Ends): Down, Right, Left, Right, Triangle (Close)


    Brutality (Super Shocker): Down, Right, Triangle
    Fatality 1 (Bug Eyes): Right, Left, Right, Square (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Conducting Rod): Down, Right, Left, Right, Circle (Far)


    Brutality (Acid Wash): Down, Right, Square
    Fatality 1 (Bad Breath): Down, Right, Down, Right, Circle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Acid Bath): Down, Down, Left, Right, Square (Close)


    Brutality: Left, Right + Square + Block, Block
    Fatality (Stop Ahead): Down, Left, Right, Triangle (Mid)
    Fatality (Who’s Next!): Down, Left, Right, Up (Mid)


    Brutality (Gory Hole): Left, Right + Square
    Fatality 1 (The Grinder): Down, Left, Right, Down, Up (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Flick Trick): Down, Up, Down, Up, Block (Mid)

Sonya Blade

    Brutality (Thigh Master): Left, Right + Circle
    Fatality 1 (Target Marked): Down, Down, Left, Right, Block (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Head Hunter): Right, Left, Down, Left, Triangle (Mid)


    Brutality: Down, Right, Triangle + Block
    Fatality 1 (Chest Kold): Left, Right, Down, Left, Circle (Close)
    Fatality 2 (Bed Of Ice): Down, Left, Down, Right, Circle (Close)


    Brutality: Throw
    Fatality 1 (Whip It Good): Down, Right, Down, Left, Triangle (Mid)
    Fatality 2 (Head Cage): Right, Left, Down, Down Square (Mid)

Entering the NetherRealm

First, get Jax’s Rocket Launcher in Shao Kahn’s Tomb. There are 12 interactive Krypt objects, and the rocket launcher is the 11th. You will need all the other objects to access it. Just carefully explore the Krypt, and one object will lead to the next. You do not have to spend money on any of the unlocks to obtain the objects. While inside Shao Kahn’s Tomb, you must activate three levers to open a large door. Behind this door is the rocket launcher. Then, go to the Shrine Of The Dead at -11, 12 coordinates, and use Jax’s Rocket Launcher to enter it. Go to -11, 13 coordinates, and gamble your koins in order to unlock the Kamidogu and win other items in the process. To obtain the Kamidogu, you must gamble at least 10,000 koins. Use the Kamidogu to gain access to the NetherRealm (where the final few unlockables of the Krypt are located) through the Nether Gate at -24, 18 coordinates.

Alternate costumes

Go to the indicated coordinates in the Krypt to find the corresponding costume for purchase for the listed number of koins. You can also view the specific location of a character costume by going to the listed time in the video below for the indicated costume.

  • 00:00 – Cassie Cage (Endurance) – Coordinates: -1, 10 (Frozen Graves); Cost: 2,100
  • 01:38 – Erron Black (Outcast) – Coordinates: -2, 9 (Frozen Graves); Cost: 1,220
  • 03:15 – Kitana (Tournament) – Coordinates: 1, 6 (Frozen Graves); Cost: 980
  • 04:51 – Jacqui Briggs (Boot Camp) – Coordinates: -8, 8 (Garden Of Despair); Cost: 1,900
  • 06:23 – Quan Chi (Tournament) – Coordinates: -1, 8 (Frozen Graves); Cost: 1,260
  • 07:56 – Shinnok – Coordinates: 0, 17 (Friggid Burrows); Cost: 1,100
  • 09:37 – Takeda (Shirai Ryu) – Coordinates: -5, 10 (Garden Of Despair); Cost: 1,300
  • 11:05 – Ferra/Torr (Master And Servant) – Coordinates: 6, 8 (Shadow Spider Kave); Cost: 1,320 (Timed Chest; Opens at 0:00)
  • 12:38 – Reptile (Tournament) – Coordinates: 15, 16 (Kavern Of Doom); Cost: 470 (Timed Chest; Opens at 2:00)
  • 14:11 – Scorpion (Tournament) – Coordinates: 5, 28 (Spider Gem Hold); Cost: 210 (Timed Chest; Opens at 0:00)
  • 15:47 – D’Vorah (Kytinn Queen) – Coordinates: -7, 12 (Chamber Of Bones); Cost: 1,240
  • 17:31 – Kung Lao (Tournament) – Coordinates: -3, 19 (Hollow Grounds); Cost: 2,600
  • 18:55 – Raiden (Tournament) – Coordinates: -17, 19 (Walkway Of Souls); Cost: 2,350
  • 20:21 – Kano (Tournament) – Coordinates: -15, 19 (Walkway Of Souls); Cost: 2,300
  • 21:50 – Ermac (Tournament) – Coordinates: -21, 8 (Cemetery Grounds); Cost: 1,980
  • 23:25 – Jax (Tournament) – Coordinates: -19, 7 (Cemetery Grounds); Cost: 2,400
  • 24:56 – Mileena (Tournament) – Coordinates: -18, 9 (Cemetery Grounds); Cost: 1,120
  • 26:20 – Kung Jin (Shadow) – Coordinates: -1, 4 (Gallery Of Shadows); Cost: 1,490
  • 27:56 – Johnny Cage (Tournament) – Coordinates: 1, 6 (Shao Kahn’s Tomb); Cost: 1,470
  • 29:44 – Kotal Khan (Osh-Tekk Warrior) – Coordinates: -8, 8 (Grotto Of Gore); Cost: 2,100
  • 31:26 – Sub Zero (Kuai Liang) – Coordinates: 3, 3 (Lost Mausoleum); Cost: 2,350
  • 33:20 – Kenshi (Tournament) – Coordinates: 6, 17 (Dark Pass); Cost: 1,870
  • 35:03 – Raiden (Dark Raiden) – Coordinates: -1, 14 (Kahn’s Stronghold); Cost: 10
  • 36:48 – Liu Kang (Tournament) – Coordinates: 1, 11 (Kahn’s Stronghold); Cost: 940
  • 38:31 – Sonya Blade (Tournament) – Coordinates: -7, 25 (Acid Falls); Cost: 92 (Timed Chest; Opens at 9:00)

Additionally, the following costumes are unlocked by completing the indicated tasks:

    Cassie Cage (Endurance): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Cassie.
    D’Vorah (Kytinn Queen): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with D’Vorah.
    Ermac (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Ermac.
    Erron Black (Outcast): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Erron Black.
    Goro (Kintaro): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Goro on the Hard difficulty with a “Gold” rank.
    Jacqui Briggs (Boot Camp): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Jacqui Briggs.
    Jax (Farmer): Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.
    Jax (Revenant): Select Two Player mode and Kustom Kombat. Play as Jax, and select Danger Modifier (1% HP). Win 15 matches (30 rounds).
    Jax (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Jax.
    Johnny Cage (Hot Shot): Defeat 10 consecutive opponents in Survivor King Of The Hill.
    Johnny Cage (Ninja Mime): Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.
    Johnny Cage (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower.
    Kano (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Kano.
    Kitana (Dark Empress): Have the Brotherhood Of Shadows reach Level 35; or complete the Premium Tower with Goro; or get gold in two different hourly Living Towers with Kitana.
    Kitana (Klassic): Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.
    Kitana (Revenant): Get gold in a Living Tower.
    Kitana (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower.
    Kotal Kahn (Osh-Tekk Warrior): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Kotal Kahn on the Normal difficulty.
    Kung Jin (Shadow): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower.
    Kung Lao (Revenant): Win 30 matches in King Of The Hill.
    Kung Lao (Tournament): Successfully complete the Medium Tower with Kung Lao.
    Liu Kang (Dark Emperor): Successfully complete eight Tower Challenges with the same character.
    Liu Kang (Revenant): Win 10 ranked matches in a row
    Mileena (Kahnum): Survive 20 rounds in the Endless Tower with Mileena.
    Mileena (Klassic): Progress through the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.
    Mileena (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Mileena.
    Raiden (Future): Login to your WBPlay account.
    Reptile (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Reptile.
    Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi): Successfully complete Chapter 10 in Story mode.
    Scorpion (Injustice): Successfully complete 100 ladders in the Mortal Kombat X mobile app.
    Shinnok (Wrathful): Successfully complete the Classic Tower with Shinnok.
    Sonya Blade (Tournament): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Sonya.
    Sub Zero (Kuai Liang): Successfully complete the Klassic Tower with Sub-Zero.
    Sub Zero (Revenant): Successfully complete all ten Test Your Might stages.
    Takeda (Shirai Ryu): Successfully complete Klassic Tower with Takeda.

Inventory items

Go to the indicated coordinates in the Krypt to find the corresponding item, which are used to access other areas.

Ermac’s Pendant

    Coordinates: -5, 18 (Dark Pass)
    Unlocks: Unknown

Jax’s Rocket Launcher

    Coordinates: 0, 12 (Khan’s Stronghold)
    Unlocks: Shrine Of The Dead (-11, 12 coordinates)

Kenshi’s Kitana

    Coordinates: 5, 30 (Shadow Spider’s Hive)
    Unlocks: Hollow Grounds Area (0, 25 coordinates)

Kotal Khan’s Sword

    Coordinates: 22, 34 (Kotal’s Kavern)
    Unlocks: Shadow Spider’s Hive and Switch Passage

Kung Lao’s Hat

    Coordinates: -7, 12 in the Shadow Spider Kave
    Unlocks: Hanging Bridge Access (-10, 21 coordinates in Shadow Spider Kave)

Liu Kang’s Fireball

    Coordinates: 0, 6 (Shao Kahn’s Tomb)
    Unlocks: White Lotus Temple (-20, 4 coordinates)

Raiden’s Staff

    Coordinates: 5, 11 (Shadow Spider Kave)
    Unlocks: Elder Chasm (20, 23 coordinates) and Hidden Room (6, 24 coordinates in Spider Gem Hold)

Reptile’s Claw

    Coordinates: 6, 30 (Widow’s Pass)
    Unlocks: Switch in Shao Kahn’s Tomb

Scorpion’s Spear

    Coordinates: -13, 19 (Walkway Of Souls)
    Unlocks: Scorpion Pit

Spider Gem

    Coordinates: Scorpion’s Pit
    Unlocks: Room Of Sacrifice

Sub Zero’s Iceball

    Coordinates: -21, 20 (Frost Path)
    Unlocks: Unknown

Koin chest locations

Go to the indicated coordinates in the Krypt to find the corresponding koin chest:

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 1, 17 (Icy Hollow)
    Cost: 150 (Timed Chest)

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: -5, 21 (Hollow Grounds)
    Cost: 200 (Timed Chest)

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 7, 10 (Shadow Spider Kave)
    Cost: 754

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 21, 35 (Kotal’s Kavern)
    Cost: 250

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 2, 8 (Shao Kahn’s Tomb)
    Cost: 980

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 5, -1 (Lost Mausoleum)
    Cost: 860

4,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 0, 1 (Krypt Gateway)
    Cost: Free

4,000 Koins

    Coordinates: -2, 7 (Frozen Graves)
    Cost: 1,200

4,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 1, 14 (Kahn’s Stronghold)
    Cost: 1,140

Krypt item and chest locations

Go to the indicated coordinates in the Krypt to find the corresponding item or chest:

Krypt Gateway

4,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 0, 1
    Cost: Free

Skip Fight Award

    Coordinates: 1, 2
    Cost: 1,400

Kotal Kahn’s Fatality: Tight Squeeze

    Coordinates: -1, 2
    Cost: 1,280

Frozen Graves

Easy Fatality Award

    Coordinates: 0, 5
    Cost: 980 (Timed Chest)

Kung Jin Concept Art

    Coordinates: 1, 5
    Cost: Free

Ermac Concept Art

    Coordinates: -1, 5
    Cost: Free

Ermac’s Brutality: Soul Eater

    Coordinates: -1, 6
    Cost: 1,980

Tournament Kitana Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 1, 6
    Cost: 980

Mileena Cutie Icon

    Coordinates: -1, 7
    Cost: 1,180

Kitana’s Brutality: Lost Girl

    Coordinates: 1, 7
    Cost: 5,200

4,000 Koins

    Coordinates: -2, 7
    Cost: 1,200

Ferra/Torr’s Fatality: Play Time

    Coordinates: -2, 8
    Cost: 2,350

Outcast Erron Black Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -2, 9
    Cost: 1,220

Mileena’s Brutality: Early Lunch

    Coordinates: -2, 10
    Cost: 4,980

Garden of Despair

Shinnok’s Brutality: Have A Nice Day

    Coordinates: -8, 7
    Cost: 5,600

Kenshi’s Brutality: Leg Up

    Coordinates: -7, 7
    Cost: 7,000

Boot Camp Jacqui Briggs Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -8, 8
    Cost: 1,900

Scorpion Kutie Icon

    Coordinates: -7, 8
    Cost: 1,520


    Coordinates: -8, 9
    Cost: 5,560


    Coordinates: 0, 11
    Cost: 1,600

Reaper’s Pass

Kung Lao Concept Art

    Coordinates: -3, 16
    Cost: 1,400

Emperor’s Courtyard Stage Music

    Coordinates: -4, 16
    Cost: 1,300

Blocked Entrance

    Coordinates: -2, 16
    Message: The gate is locked from the other side.

Kenshi’s Fatality: My Puppet

    Coordinates: -2, 16
    Cost: 1,520

Icy Hollow

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 1, 17
    Cost: 150 (Timed Chest)

Blocked Entrance

    Coordinates: -2, 17
    Note: This gate leads back to Reapers Pass. Open it to earn 2,000 koins.

Hollow Grounds

Kotal Kahn Concept Art

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]
    Coordinates: -4, 20
    Cost: 1,200

Scorpion’s Brutality: Just A Scratch

    Coordinates: -6, 20
    Cost: 6,800

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: -5, 21
    Cost: 200 (Timed Chest)

Walkway Of Souls

Scorpion’s Spear (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: -13, 19

Tournament Kano Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -15, 19
    Cost: 2,300

Tournament Raiden Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -17, 19
    Cost: 2,350

Sub Zero’s Brutality: Splitting Image

    Coordinates: -16, 20
    Cost: 55 (Timed Chest)

Frost Path

Kitana’s Brutality: Back That Up

    Coordinates: -19, 20
    Cost: 6,800 (Timed Chest)

Sub Zero’s Iceball (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: -21, 20

Cemetery Grounds


    Coordinates: -18, 7
    Cost: 1,880

Dead Woods Stage

    Coordinates: -18, 9
    Cost: 1,120

Tournament Mileena Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -23, 10
    Cost: 540 (Timed Chest)

White Lotus Temple

Kung Lao’s Brutality: Grind Away

    Coordinates: -20, 1
    Cost: 3,210

Jacqui Briggs’ Fatality: Fist Pump

    Coordinates: -21, 2
    Cost: 440

Turbo Kombat Modifier (Test Your Luck)

    Coordinates: -19, 2
    Cost: 120 (Timed Chest)

Raiden’s Brutality: Dark Force

    Coordinates: -19, 3
    Cost: 3,240

D’Vorah’s Fatality: Heart Broken

    Coordinates: -19, 1
    Cost: 900

Takeda’s Brutality: Two Sided

    Coordinates: -19, 1
    Cost: 2,410

Shadow Spider Kave

Raiden’s Brutality: Power Outage

    Coordinates: 6, 2
    Cost: 6,520

Sub Zero’s Brutality: Frozen Dinner

    Coordinates: 4, 4
    Cost: 7,740

Lin Kuei Temple Concept Art

    Coordinates: 6, 6
    Cost: 6,600

Master and Servant Ferra/Torr Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 6, 8
    Cost: 1,320 (Timed Chest)

Raiden’s Staff (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: 5,11

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 7, 10
    Cost: 754

Scorpion’s Fatality: Who’s Next

    Coordinates: 3, 10
    Cost: 1,550

Cassie Cage’s Brutality: Half Day

    Coordinates: 3, 12
    Cost: 6,540

Fan Art 4: Raiden

    Coordinates: 7, 12
    Cost: 1,650

Kavern Of Doom

Tournament Reptile Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 15, 16
    Cost: 470 (Timed Chest)

Ferra/Torr’s Brutality: Play Thing

    Coordinates: 18, 2
    Cost: 2,140

Scorpion Pit

Easy Fatality Award

    Coordinates: 19, 10
    Cost: 50

Chamber of Bones

Mileena’s Brutality: Tele-splat

    Coordinates: -5, 14
    Cost: 5,540

Kytinn Queen D’Vorah Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -7, 12
    Cost: 1,240

Kung Lao’s Hat (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: -7, 12

Kotal Kahn’s Brutality: Sawed Off

    Coordinates: -8, 13
    Cost: 280 (Timed Chest)

The Hanging Bridge Access Point

    Coordinates: (-10, 21)
    Note: Use Kung Lao’s Hat to lower the bridge to gain access to The Hanging Bridge area and 4,000 koins.

The Hanging Bridge

Jinsei Chamber Concept Art

    Coordinates: -5, 26
    Cost: 700

Erron Black’s Fatality: Six-Shooter

    Coordinates: -8, 27
    Cost: 220

Scorpion’s Brutality: Shirai Ryu Fire

    Coordinates: -8, 27
    Cost: 2,260

Jax’s Brutality: Ground Breaking

    Coordinates: -5, 27
    Cost: 2,400

The Cove Concept Art

    Coordinates: -7, 28
    Cost: 470

Ermac’s Brutality: We Win

    Coordinates: -7, 29
    Cost: 111 (Timed Chest)

Skip Fight Award

    Coordinates: -7, 29
    Cost: 600


Skip Fight Award

    Coordinates: 13, 21
    Cost: 1,120

Quan Chi’s Fatality: Both Ends

    Coordinates: 18, 30
    Cost: 1,530

Room Of Sacrifice

Takeda’s Kutie Icon

    Coordinates: 0, 25
    Cost: 1,320

Johnny Cage’s Brutality: Bring It On

    Coordinates: 0, 27
    Cost: 6,320

Spider Gem Hold

Tournament Scorpion Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 5, 28
    Cost: 210 (Timed Chest)

Widow’s Pass

Reptile’s Claw (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: 6, 30
    Note: This item is required to progress further into the Krypt.

Hanging Dead Body

    Coordinates: 5, 32
    Cost: 1520
    Unlocks: Music Track

Switch Passage

Lever Puzzle

    Note: There are four levers in this passage that control a door. The levers each have a certain number of spiders, varying from one to four. Pull the levers in the following order to open the door, access Kotal’s Kavern, and earn 6,000 koins: 4, 1, 3, and 2.

Kotal’s Kavern

Jacqui Briggs’ Brutality: Gun Show

    Coordinates: 21, 33
    Cost: 2,120

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 21, 35
    Cost: 250

Kotal Khan’s Sword (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: 22, 34

Shadow Spider’s Hive

Takeda Concept Art

    Coordinates: 8, 39
    Cost: 300

Liu Kang Concept Art

    Coordinates: 8, 40
    Cost: 2,310

Kenshi’s Katana (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: 5, 30

Outworld Marketplace Stage

    Coordinates: 7, 42
    Cost: 1,150

Coming Soon

    Coordinates: 6, 42
    Cost: 550 (Timed Chest)

Shao Khan’s Tomb

Liu Kang’s Fireball (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: 0, 6

Tournament Johnny Cage Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 1, 6
    Cost: 1,470

Sub Zero’s Brutality: Pick Your Brain

    Coordinates: 1, 6
    Cost: 7,140

Kano’s Brutality: Just The Tip

    Coordinates: -1, 6
    Cost: 6,450

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 2, 8
    Cost: 980

Kuantan Jungle Concept Art

    Coordinates: 4, 8
    Cost: 1,240

Grotto Of Gore

Osh-Tekk Warrior Kotal Khan Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -8, 8
    Cost: 2,100

Dark Pass

Kung Lao’s Fatality: Flower Pot

    Coordinates: -7, 17
    Cost: 2,650

Mileena Concept Art

    Coordinates: -6, 17
    Cost: 780

Ermac’s Pendant (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: -5, 18

Tournament Kenshi Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 6, 17
    Cost: 1,870

Refugee Kamp Stage Music

    Coordinates: 7, 17
    Cost: 2,300

Hall Of Betrayal

Quan Chi Kutie Icon

    Coordinates: -2, 19
    Cost: 1,650

Fan Art 2 Concept Art

    Coordinates: 2, 19
    Cost: 1,400

Corridor Of Blood

No Turtles Fight Modifier (Test Your Luck)

    Coordinates: 7, 10
    Cost: 980

Easy Fatality Award

    Coordinates: 8, 9
    Cost: 1,100

Lost Mausoleum

Raiden Concept Art

    Coordinates: 0, -3
    Cost: 1,520

Kitana’s Fatality: Splitting Hairs

    Coordinates: 0, -3
    Cost: 1,980

2,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 5, -1
    Cost: 860

Skip Fight Award

    Coordinates: 4, 0
    Cost: 1,100

Fan Art 3 Concept Art

    Coordinates: 5, 3
    Cost: 1,140

Khan’s Stronghold

Jax’s Rocket Launcher (Inventory Item)

    Coordinates: 0, 12

Liu Kang’s Brutality: Dragon’s Den

    Coordinates: -1, 12
    Cost: 2,980

Ermac’s Brutality: Gluttony

    Coordinates: 1, 13
    Cost: 1,240

Quan Chi’s Brutality: Touch Of Death

    Coordinates: 1, 12
    Cost: 2,840

4,000 Koins

    Coordinates: 1, 14
    Cost: 1,140

Erron Black Cutie Icon

    Coordinates: 1, 15
    Cost: 1,420

Tournament Liu Kang Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: 1, 11
    Cost: 940

Dark Raiden Alternate Costume

    Coordinates: -1, 14
    Cost: 10

Kutie Icon locations

Search the indicated locations in the Krypt to find the corresponding Kutie Icon:

    Mileena Kutie Icon: Frozen Graves (-1, 7)
    Scorpion Kutie Icon: Garden Of Despair (-7, 8)
    D’Vorah Kutie Icon: Frigid Burrows (2, 18)
    Kitana Kutie Icon: Walkway of Souls (-17, 17)
    Reptile Kutie Icon: White Lotus Temple (-21, 3)
    Sub Zero Kutie Icon: Lost Mausoleum (0, -1)
    Quan Chi Kutie Icon: Hall Of Betrayal (-2, 19)
    Erron Black Kutie Icon: Kahn’s Stronghold (1, 13)
    Shinnok Kutie Icon: Hollow Of Darkness (13, 4)
    Jacqui Briggs Kutie Icon: Elder Chasm (20, 25)
    Takeda Kutie Icon: Room Of Sacrifice (1, 25)
    Ferra/Torr Kutie Icon: Shadow Spider’s Hive (4, 40)

The following Kutie Icon are obtained by gambling at the Shrine Of The Dead (-11, 13) in the Krypt:

    Cassie Cage Kutie Icon
    Ermac Kutie Icon
    Jax Kutie Icon
    Johnny Cage Kutie Icon
    Kano Kutie Icon
    Kenshi Kutie Icon
    Kotal Kahn Kutie Icon
    Kung Jin Kutie Icon
    Kung Lao Kutie Icon
    Liu Kang Kutie Icon
    Raiden Kutie Icon
    Sonya Kutie Icon

Disable character variation

At the character variation selection screen, press Up(2), Triangle to play as that base character.

QTE button combinations

Enter the listed move during the indicated Quick-Time Event in Story mode:

    Chapter 1 – Johnny Cage (QTE 1): Press Square(2), X, tap Square rapidly.

    Chapter 1 – Johnny Cage (QTE 2): Press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Square.

    Chapter 2 – Kotal Kahn: Press Circle, Square, tap X rapidly, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X.

    Chapter 4 – Kung Jin: Press Circle, Square, Circle.

    Chapter 5 – Sonya Blade: Press X(2), Circle, X(2), Circle, Square, X, Square.

    Chapter 6 – D’vorah: Press Forward, Away, Forward, Triangle.

    Chapter 7 – Takashi Takeda: Press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square.

    Chapter 8 – Jax: Press Square, Triangle, X, Triangle(3).

    Chapter 9 – Scorpion: Press Triangle(2), Circle.

Hide character variation in Multiplayer mode

While selecting your character variation when playing against a human opponent in Multiplayer mode, press Up(2) to prevent your opponent from seeing which variation you selected.

All endings

The following video contains the endings for all 25 default characters in the game. You can view a specific character’s ending by skipping to the indicated time in the video for the corresponding character.

    00:00 – Kung Lao
    02:07 – Jax
    02:47 – Sonya Blade
    03:28 – Kenshi
    04:18 – Kitana
    05:05 – Scorpion
    05:49 – Sub Zero
    06:31 – Mileena
    07:11 – Takeda
    08:07 – Cassie Cage
    08:52 – Jacqui Briggs
    09:34 – Kung Jin
    10:20 – Shinnok
    11:07 – Kano
    11:52 – Johnny Cage
    12:32 – Erron Black
    13:16 – Liu Kang
    13:57 – Ermac
    14:41 – Kotal Khan
    15:24 – Reptile
    16:09 – Ferra/Torr
    16:50 – D’Vorah
    17:31 – Raiden
    18:12 – Quan Chi
    18:51 – Goro

Easy “Blanche Advantage” trophy

The Old Lady level interaction can be found on the Outworld Marketplace stage. Level interactions can be used with R1. Load the Outworld Marketplace stage in Practice mode. The Old Lady is found on the right side of the stage. Throw her at your opponent to get the “Blanche Advantage” trophy.

Easy “DIE WILL YOU” trophy

Select Kung Lao because each of his throws result in eighteen hits. After you remove a Boss’s armor, dash or run to him, and perform a throw, then repeat the process. Alternately, block and punish Boss attacks. For example, when countering Quan Chi’s Teleport, upper-block, then punish with a throw.

Choose the Full Auto version of Jacqui Briggs. Use her Hand Cannon move to remove a Boss’s armor and inflict five hits each if it reaches a non-blocking Boss. Repeat it until time expires or you die. Her X-Ray also results in fifteen hits.

Easy “Disco” trophy

Play as Kotal Kahn using any variation in Practice mode. Cast a God Ray (Down, Right, Circle), then stand in the God Ray, and flip stance at least five times (L2).

Easy “Hara Kiri” trophy

You must play as Kotal Kahn using any variation. There is a special attack called “Blood Offering”. It takes away 10% of your health, but increases your damage output for a short period of time. You must use this move to kill yourself when your health is below 10% (Right, Down, Left, Circle). Start a match on the Very Easy difficulty. Let the enemy attack you until your health is really low, and then kill yourself with the Blood Offering special attack. Make sure not to use this special attack too early, as it has a long cooldown time. Then, simply win the match to get the “Hara Kiri” trophy.

Easy “Keep It Secret” trophy

Fight through the Premier Living Tower until you reach your sixth opponent. Win that fight with a “Flawless Victory”, and perform either a fatality or brutality at the end. You can restart the match if you take a hit — and you will not be disqualified. After completing the match with those requirements, you will start the “Secret Battle” against Reptile and get the “Keep It Secret” trophy.

Easy “Knockout” trophy

While playing Living Towers, you will eventually unlock the Juggle modifier. Use it to lower gravity, which will make juggles easier and allows an easy 10-hit combo when you corner an opponent.

Perform a 10-hit combo with all 24 characters in the game (excluding DLC characters) to get the “Knockout” trophy. You can easily perform a 10-hit combo with all characters in Practice mode. Always use X-Ray attacks (can be used infinitely in Practice mode) to get 5-15 hits. With some characters, you will only need to activate the X-Ray attack for it to count as 10+ hits. All required button combinations are shown in the video. Make sure that you are using the same character variation that is shown in the video. For most combos it does not matter, but some special moves are not available with certain character variations.

Easy “Need A Doctor” trophy

Perform all 25 X-Ray attacks in the game (excluding DLC characters) to get the “Need A Doctor” trophy. You can easily perform all 25 X-Ray attacks in Practice mode since you always have a full super meter. Each character has one X-Ray attack. They are activated by pressing L2 + R2. Note: You only need to use the standard character, and not any of the DLC characters, to get the trophy.

Easy “No Loyalty” trophy

Set up your Kombat Kard with FXP buffed items. Start a two player Kustom Kombat match played solo with the Brutal Kombat modifier selected. Win the match with a brutality, then repeat the process as many times as needed.

Easy “Not Dead Yet” trophy

There are 13 death animations in the “Test Your Might” tower. When you fail a challenge, you will get killed. The death sequence is completely random. You can get all of them in the very first challenge. Simply press R2 when the challenge begins to fail immediately. Retry the challenge over and over again until you get all 13 death animations to get the “Not Dead Yet” trophy. It takes approximately 20 minutes to see every death animation once (depending on how lucky you get).

Easy “Terrifying Encounter” trophy

You can confront a beast within the Krypt after opening the first gate in the Krypt. Occasionally while exploring the Krypt, you will be attacked by animals. This will trigger a short QTE event requiring you to press a button to fend off the attacker. Walk along the right side of the graveyard after the starting area to get attacked by a small wolf. Alternatively, enter the tunnels on the right to get attacked by spiders.

Easy “Trolling” trophy

At the end of a match when you can perform a fatality, you must duck 30 times very quickly instead of performing the fatality to get the “Trolling” trophy. You only have a few seconds to do this before the match automatically ends.

Easy “Tower Warrior” trophy

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]

Traditional “Test Your Might” towers will increment your progress. Go through all characters, and skip those you already have done a tower with.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): All trophies unlocked.
    Tower Kompetitor (Bronze): Complete a single Tower.
    Tower Warrior (Bronze): Complete a Tower with every character.
    Tower Master (Bronze): Complete 10 Living Towers.
    Tower God (Silver): Complete 50 Living Towers.
    Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Win a single Tower Challenge.
    BUDDY!!! (Bronze): Send a Tower Challenge to a friend.
    Pledge Yourself (Bronze): Reach level 5 in any faction.
    Faction Champion (Silver): Reach level 50 in any faction.
    No Loyalty (Gold): Reach level 50 in all factions.
    Jump Ship (Bronze): Become a member of every faction.
    Time Out (Bronze): Win a match by time out.
    Keep it Secret (Bronze): Find a secret fight in the Living Towers.
    Statistical Advantage (Bronze): View Kombat Kard.
    Moving Up (Bronze): Reach personal level 10 in XP.
    Elder God (Silver): Reach personal level 65 in XP.
    A New Beginning (Bronze): Complete 50% of Story Mode.
    There is a Ruler (Bronze): Complete 100% of Story Mode.
    Inner Strength (Bronze): Win 1 complete online match.
    Return Kustomer (Bronze): Play 100 complete online matches.
    Royalty (Bronze): Win 5 complete Klassic King of the hill matches.
    Good to be King (Bronze): Win 1 complete Klassic King of the hill match.
    Giving Respect (Bronze): Give Respect points in a King of the hill match.
    Respected Fighter (Bronze): Earn 1,000 Respect points.
    Terrifying Encounter (Bronze): Confront a beast within the Krypt.
    I’m number 1 (Bronze): Win 1 Tower Battle.
    Juggernaut (Silver): Win 5 Tower Battles.
    A Kontender (Bronze): Complete 1 Tower Battle.
    Bill of Goods (Bronze): Win 1 complete match in Survivor King of the Hill.
    Dropping Fools (Bronze): Reach a 10 complete game win streak in Ranked 1v1 matches.
    Hit the Dojo (Bronze): Enter Practice mode.
    Unstoppable (Bronze): Play 200 complete online matches.
    That’s How You Do It (Bronze): Complete Tutorial.
    Knockout (Bronze): Perform a 10 hit combo with every character.
    FINISH HIM (Bronze): Perform 1 Fatality in a match.
    Bloody Good Time (Bronze): Perform a Fatality in a match with every character.
    Straight Power (Bronze): Perform 100 Fatalities in matches.
    Brutal End (Bronze): Perform 1 Brutality.
    Dark Future (Bronze): Perform 50 Brutalities.
    Need a Doctor (Bronze): Perform every character’s X-Ray.
    Master (Bronze): Win a single complete match with every character variation.
    Only a Real Master (Bronze): Beat an opponent while they still have 90% health and you have 10% or less health remaining.
    Well Rounded (Bronze): Play every character variation.
    It’s a Gusher (Bronze): Spill 1,000 pints of blood.
    Blanche Advantage (Bronze): Hit someone with the old lady Level Interaction.
    Hara Kiri (Bronze): Kill yourself with Kotal Kahn for 1 round and win the match.
    Back It Up (Bronze): Equip a new Background image.
    Real Icon (Bronze): Equip a new Icon.
    So Bored (Bronze): Equip a new Border.
    Jumping Bean (Bronze): Jump 30 times in 1 match.
    Trolling (Bronze): Duck 30 times during Fatality sequence.
    All the Pieces (Bronze): Equip a Background, Icon and Border set.
    Luck be a Lady (Bronze): Play 7 complete Test Your Luck matches.
    The Kollector (Bronze): Unlock 50 Kustom Kombat Modifiers.
    Disco (Bronze): Create a sun ray with Kotal Kahn and perform a flip stance 5 times while in the ray.
    Almighty (Bronze): Complete a Test Your Might Tower.
    Not Dead Yet (Bronze): See all Test Your Might deaths.
    Stay Back (Bronze): Play an Invasion Boss fight.
    DIE WILL YOU (Silver): Deal 1,000 total hits during Invasion Boss fights.
    INVASION (Bronze): Complete an Invasion Tower.
    Can’t Stop This (Bronze): Win an Invasion 1v1 fight.
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