My Top Three Thief Casting Choices

My Top Three Thief Casting Choices

A peek into the best and brightest young-Hollywood has to offer!

They are making a Thief movie. For most of us, that statement would probably set off a ton of internal alarms. After all, yet another horrid game-to-film adaption is just what the world needs isn’t it? I could go on and on about the incredibly BAD track record our industry has in crossing over to the silver screen, but I admit I’m a bit more optimistic these days. While we’re still far from where we should be, video game movies do seem to be finding their footing. Take the recently released LEGO film. While this may not be the best example (given that it’s just a glorified cartoon) the level of hype and support it received does show promise.

Thief is being helmed (in-part) by the same production company Vertigo. While that’s a plus in the credit column, we also have to look at the minus in the debit column. It comes in the form of Prime Universe, who were responsible for the Hitman movie starring Timothy Olyphant. Not great to say the least. However, perhaps the melding of the two will produce some type of perfect chimera which will allow Thief to become the first truly great piece of business that both the film and video game industries has collaborated on in a while. Hell, even powerhouse Ubisoft is about to churn out its own batch here soon.

But when it comes right down to it, casting will make a huge difference. The script, the director, the studio–all these things take a back seat to the leading man (which is ultimately what will put the butts in the seats at theaters). While I’ve not received the call offering me the job as casting agent just yet, here are my top three picks for the role of Thief ’s Garret anyway (just for shits and giggles)…

Pick #3 – Liam Hemsworth:

While big brother has been bouncing around the universe fighting off hordes of evil space aliens (when he’s not busy teaming with the Avengers and saving our little piece of dirt), Liam has forged a very comfortable career for himself. True he might seem a bit on the bulky side for the role, you have to figure those behind the film will consider going the Vin Diesel/Rock route at some point. If that’s the case, they could do a lot worse than Hemsworth (who’s probably the better looking brother anyway).

Pick #2 – Nicholas Hoult:

I do realize we’re starting to get into a weird seven degrees of Kevin Bacon kinda’ thing with my picks (as Hoult is dating Jennifer Lawrence who also starred with Liam Hemsworth in Hunger Games ) but Hoult is much closer to my ideal pick. His portrayal as Beast in X:Men: First Class showcased his star power, and then his return in Futures Past depicts a more aggressive side to the character. Clearly he can bring a darker edge when needed, which fits perfectly with the medieval setting Thief is known for. Also, his smaller stature and slender build rings true with purists who’ve spent years playing the series.

My Top Three Thief Casting Choices

Pick #1 – Andrew Garfield:

By far my top choice. The casting of Garfield in Marc Webb’s new Amazing Spider-Man trilogy was not only spot on, but brings many longtime fans what they consider the most accurate representation of Peter Parker ever seen on film. I say apply that thinking to Thief . Garfield would be a perfect fit for Garrett, as he already has two things going for him: athleticism and the heart-throb factor. I can see Garfield easily trading in his web shooters for a cloak and dagger, as it seems like a logical transition. Losing yourself in a film is no different than losing yourself in a game (meaning the audience has to buy into it). I can see myself becoming immersed in the story with a kid like Garfield as the lead.

So there you have it, THE definitive casting choices for Thief . OK, well maybe not quite that definitive…but I like ’em. The only real problem I see with my list is that all these names are high profile actors. With Hollywood having such a storied history of churning out crap game movies, odds are their agents wouldn’t touch this script with a ten foot pole. More likely is that an unknown, up and coming actor will play the role (or possibly a struggling B-List celebrity). Remember, Angelina Jolie wasn’t the star she is now when she took Tomb Raider .

So do you agree with my list? If not, give me your own! Use the comments section below to post your top casting choices for the role of Garrett (or another series favorite) in the upcoming Thief film!

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