Naughty Dog Turns Fan Into Playable Uncharted 3 Character

Naughty Dog Turns Fan Into Playable Uncharted 3 Character


Sony and Naughty Dog have announced the winner of the UNCHARTED Audition, an online competition held a few months back with the ultimate goal of turning one Uncharted 3 fan into a playable character.

The lucky winner’s name is Jeremy “Spyder” Gallant, a twenty-something New York City native with what appears to be an impressive set of parkour skills. Gallant will make his official Uncharted 3 debut as a free multiplayer skin when the game’s Patch 1.13 arrives in mid-August.

Naughty Dog released a video detailing Gallant’s experiences with the dev team, showing him in full motion capture gear while he worked on his character’s stunts and overall design. Gallant got the chance to work with Amy Hennig, Uncharted 3’s creative director, Nolan North, who portrays protagonist Nathan Drake in the series, and the rest of the creative crew.

“Designing a video game character is unbelievable to me, yet simultaneously it has proven to be completely tangible,” Gallant said about his journey.

“I wish to share the feeling with everyone who has ever felt incapable of accomplishment or below the standards of the society around them. Put everything you’ve got into what you truly love and believe in, and you will be rewarded in spades. I am thrilled, grateful and overjoyed with the opportunity I received and ultimately winning the prize of a lifetime. I’m in a video game! Thank you Sony and Naughty Dog! Stay gold!”

By Jeff Dunn

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