New Details Regarding Sunset Overdrive Revealed

New Details Regarding Sunset Overdrive Revealed

One of the most colorful and unique looking game experiences to come out of E3 this year is clearly the vibrant Sunset Overdrive . Now the curtain is being pulled back a bit more to give us an additional peek into its gameplay.

Via the Xbox Wire, we received a new video showcasing some of the rail running, wall jumping action that gamers can look forward to. Here is quick rundown of just some of the features previewed:

Choose Your Chaos Wisely – The amount of Chaos is what determines the difficulty of your team’s final Night Defense. The higher your Chaos– the tougher your Night Defense is going to be, but you’ll get more chances to receive cool rewards at the end.

Go straight from campaign to chaos-squad, in game – So, you’re leaping around Sunset City in single-player and your friend/acquaintance invites you to join her Chaos Squad. You drop off a grind rail, strut up to the nearest future photo booth, and enter.

Vote on missions in the open-world – At the start, you and your rag-tag band are going to get two mission options to vote on. You conquer it, two new ones crop up. And they’ll have different objectives and be in separate locations from the first round.

Night Defense – This is where you will fend off enemies and protect your vats of Overcharge at one of many forts across the city by not only using your weapons, traversal, and amps – but by placing traps, as well.

Rewards for your character you can take back to campaign! – But! Your reward output is based on your Chaos. So, if you manage to survive with a large amount of Chaos – you’re going to get way more chances at better rewards than the wuss teams who took team boosts instead of Chaos.

In the video, we also get our first glimpse of how seamlessly gamers will jump into the multiplayer side from the single-player campaign. A voting system will also allow co-op to have more control over their mission objects, while a perk package will let you acquire a wide array of toys to have fun with (I personally love the bowling ball gun).

Check out the Xbox Wire to view the full video right here.

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