Newly Announced Titles 8/31

Newly Announced Titles 8/31


Newly Announced:

By Matthew Walker

Penny Arcade:

It seems like the misadventures of the comic strip Penny Arcade will be receiving the gaming treatment in a different way soon. In the near future, they will be gracing their style of humor into an Xbox 360 console near you. Not much is known about the details of the game at present but as soon as we know more, we will let you know.

Cranium Kabookii:

Ubisoft is hard at work on bringing the popular board game franchise to the Wii. The game will come with a special pair of glasses that will enable the reader of the question to read clues hidden on the screen. The game is set for a December release. Be on the lookout here at CheatCC for some forthcoming information surrounding the title.

Ground Truth:

How would you like to hear about a game that is costing somewhere upwards of 600,000 dollars of taxpayer money? Yeah that’s about how I felt. Anyway, the Department of Homeland Security is developing a video game for your PC that will aid individuals to better prepare themselves in case of future disasters, both nature made and man made. That’s about the extent of the info, so let’s just hope that the game will work on all operating systems and not just Windows Vista. Otherwise, it will be a lottery for who gets to survive with these tactics. Here’s hoping.

Worms : A Space Oddity

THQ is taking the beloved Worms series to the final frontier. Appearing on the Wii, A Space Oddity will have the Worms battling it out across the galaxy for ultimate victory. Each battlefield will have its own itinerary to be completed and will also have a “classic sci-fi appearance.” For fans of the series, this could be another joyous occasion. With this one coming to the Wii, we can only guess what we will be able to do with the motion sensing controls.

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