Nintendo Bringing Mario Back to the Silver Screen*

Nintendo Bringing Mario Back to the Silver Screen*


Mario is having another party, the biggest of his career, and you’re all invited. Mario will star in a 3D, animated, interactive movie called Mario: The Blockbuster. Scheduled for release this Fall, the movie is open to everyone of all ages, but only those with a DS can participate in the interactive feature where they can influence the direction of the movie, play mini-games, and win prizes.

Mario: The Blockbuster will distance itself from the disastrous 1993 live-action, Super Mario Bros. movie starring Bob Hoskins. The Blockbuster is being produced by Nintendo for Universal, and no expense is being spared. Spielberg is directing and Robert De Nero will voice the loveable plumber. Top animators from Disney and The Simpsons have been working on the movie for more than five years, amassing thousands of scenes, many of which will never be seen depending how the audience interacts with their DS.

The storyline of Mario: The Blockbuster will not follow any video game premise. Nintendo feels this was the problem with the last movie. Instead, Mario will find himself trapped in a hallucination after succumbing to some plumbing chemicals. In this dream state he will encounter a variety of scenarios from comedy to survival horror and everything in between, including romantic liaisons with Nicole Kidman and Marge Simpson. The movie is filled with cameo appearances by real-life actors, as well as famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Peter Griffin. Famous environments and locations such as Sesame Street, Seinfeld’s apartment, the planet Naboo, and Silent Hill will also be featured.

With DS in hand, moviegoers will be able to interact with the movie on a variety of levels using the Wi-Fi component. As Mario explores his environment, viewers can attempt to control the direction he takes. A computer system linked to the Wi-Fi network and the movie will instantly make analyses of the decisions and move Mario in the direction dictated by the majority. To keep things really interesting, audience members will be randomly selected to make decisions unaided, as well as play some short mini-games on the big screen where the entire audience could win free drinks, popcorn, and T-shirts.

Based on scientific laws of random probability, Nintendo claims the movie will never be the same twice. This will result in moviegoers attending the show repeatedly during the holiday season. Nintendo says not to wait for the video release, as Mario: The Blockbuster can only be experienced in theaters.

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