Cheat CC – The Movie*

Cheat CC – The Movie*


Coming this Fall, the adventures of everyone’s favorite fumbling foible, Arty Hackery in a movie about the video game industry entitled Cheat CC – The Movie. The movie, still in production, is going to be fully interactive with audiences determining the direction of the plot. The storyline follows the hilarious antics of former Cheat CC CEO Arty Hackery as he tries to crack the code to a mysteriously new game. The movie stars Arty Hackery, Burt Reynolds, and Gary Coleman as the sheriff.

Cheat CC – The Movie is poised to be the world’s first audience interactive movie. Similar in concept to Space Ace and Dragons Lair, the story will hinge on the direction that the audience takes at various key junctions. These junctions will typically offer the audience three options which will be facilitated by a special voice command system. By shouting their choice at the screen, the voice command system will determine the most favored option and cue the corresponding projector to show the next segment. Employing the method, moviegoers will seldom see the exact same movie twice, resulting in lots of long-term box office revenue.

“We are really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far,” says director Abe Lincoln-Park. “There isn’t a single movie about the video game industry, and considering that in 2001, video games surpassed the movie industry in terms of revenue, we think it’s long overdue,” he adds. “I’m working with a great cast. I’m a huge fan of Gary Coleman, and even Arty Hackery is doing a great job even though he’s not a professional actor. We just told him to be himself. He’s absolutely hilarious.”

“I’m not really sure what’s so funny about this movie,” asks Hackery, “It started out as a documentary. It was supposed to be about me and my day-to-day activities in the industry, but the film crew seemed to have the giggles every minute of the day. They laughed like preschoolers at everything I said or did. I’m sure I’m not the only guy in the world that tried on a pair of nylons when nobody was looking. Don’t knock it, those damn things are comfortable,” he adds.

The movie takes place about twenty minutes into the future. In order to save a local orphanage, Hackery must crack a code for a game featured in a special competition held on the beach. This code will give his team the advantage they need to win, while proving to the world that cheating isn’t a bad thing as long as you don’t do it for fun. Cheat CC the movie boasts several exotic locations including a backyard patio deck, a kitchen, an old character-style pub, and even a bowling alley. Originally the movie was going to be presented in 3D but early tests showed strange bulges appearing in Hackery’s trousers. It was made into an interactive movie instead.

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