Cheat Code Central Receives Royal Treatment*

Cheat Code Central Receives Royal Treatment*


Cheat Code Central has been designated the official royal cheat code site by Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony outside of Buckingham Palace . It was a spectacular affair attended by members of the royal family, media, and celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Mike Myers, Bam Margena, Ron Jeremy, and Gary Coleman. This prestigious appointment will result in the site being officially referred to as Sir Cheat Code Central.

“This is an incredible honor to say the least,” exclaims former CEO Arty Hackery. “This type of appointment is rare in the U.S. It’s only because we have a Canadian working with us that qualified us for this honor. Canada is part of the British Commonwealth and as we all know, there just aren’t that many smart Canadians out there. So the Brits typically have to look to America where the good Canadians usually wind up.”

Cheat Code Central was recognized for its honest reviews, amazingly accurate and exclusive cheat codes, ease of navigation, and the fact that there’s a Canadian working on it. Cheat Code Central joins a long list of distinguished luminaries such as Sir Richard Attenborough, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, and Lil’ Gary Coleman.

“I didn’t believe it when I first received the call,” says Hackery, in regards to the appointment. “I thought it was a joke. Especially since I haven’t worked for the site in over four years. Even when I arrived in England at the Palace I was laughing at how much trouble the pranksters had gone to trick me. Even the Queen impersonator looked amazingly real, not to mention Prince Charles. I tried to pull off those fake plastic ears of his. That was a big mistake. When I was taken down by the Royal Guard I realized this might not be a joke.”

With the combined assistance of Mr. Bean and James Bond, Arty Hackery was released and forgiven by the Royal Family in exchange for a case of Three Musketeers chocolate bars. “Apparently sweets are banned in Britian,” explains Hackery. “Have you even seen English teeth? I guess the government is so embarrassed about them that they instigated martial law against sugar products. Regular folks will do anything for a candy over there.”

Cheat Code Central will continue to enjoy its status as Sir Cheat Code Central as long as a clandestine supply of chocolate bars are received by the British spy agency each month.

*This article is presented as an exclusive Cheat Code Central feature titled “Are you dumb enough to believe this?” Please check back each Friday for the newest edition.

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