Date from Your Console with GameDate*

Date from Your Console with GameDate*


No more feeling like a loser with dating sites and online chat rooms, GameDate takes the awkwardness out of meeting potential romantic interests. GameDate pairs you with a member of the opposite sex for some online gaming. There’s only one other player assigned for you to fool around with, and that’s your date. Let’s hope you’re both players.

GameDate was developed specifically for gaming and dating enthusiasts of all skills and ages. As developer Blare Hadinfact explains, “GameDate gives participants a chance to go on a virtual date immediately. The focal point of GameDate is really the game. Players will be able to chat and get to know each other by doing something that they enjoy, in this case playing a video game. In this way the couple will begin their relationship with something that they both have in common. There’s no pressure. No pressure to win and no pressure to date. It’s just a fun experience, and if things don’t work out personally then there’s no loss,” Hadinfact claims.

Matches are based on age and gaming skill level, and they can be further refined to location although Hadinfact warns about being too selective. He says that players shouldn’t be picky because you never know where and when you’ll find the person of your dreams. “Keep your options open,” Hadinfact says.

Games are strictly co-ops. This will reduce competition. Couples will explore the game together, establishing a bond at the outset that the developers hope could last a lifetime. Characters will consist of real-life rendered images of each of the players. They will also be able to chat online during the games. At the end of each game, the players can decide if they want to continue with their current partner or look for another one. Hadinfact jokes that if you want to see other people behind your main partner’s back, you may need a cheat code.

Former Cheat CC CEO Arty Hackery had this to say about GameDate: “Well it’s certainly a good idea, but it’s not the best idea I’ve ever heard. The best idea I’ve ever heard was this guy who said he could turn gold into straw. When he showed me that the process he invented worked, I bought as much gold as I could afford, basically my family’s savings. I watched in fascination as he turned all that gold bullion into straw. It was amazing. I was then able to sell all of the straw for about three hundred dollars, and all I had invested was about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars of my personal money. My wife left me because of it. So I think that GameDate might just come in handy for me now,” Hackery adds. “Like I said, it seemed like a great idea at the time.”

G ameDate will be launched on Valentine’s Day 2010.

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