CheatCC Radio Coming this Summer!*

CheatCC Radio Coming this Summer!*


Don`t touch that dial! CheatCC is coming to a satellite radio station near you. Scheduled to begin broadcast in the summer of ‘09 on Sirius XM Satellite radio, CheatCC will bring its brand of video gaming info-tainment to listening audiences around the world. The format will include interviews, reviews, previews, call-in shows, and tunes from popular games. The channel will feature your favorite reviewers and characters from the website like you`ve never heard them before.

Revealed in a press conference last week, former CheatCC CEO Arty Hackery told a packed auditorium that it`s time for the site to reach out and explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no site has gone before – from cyberspace to outer space and all around the planet. Hackery explains the content will be created here on earth and then shot up into space where it will be uplinked to a satellite, and available to all with a Sirius XM satellite subscription.

“We are going to maintain the same standards on the air that we do in cyberspace,” Hackery promises. “Just because there are some clowns out there swearing and discussing all kinds of sexually depraved activity doesn`t mean that we`re going to sink to that level. We are more than happy to introduce kids to a variety of ways to virtually kill people; we`re not about to start talking about boobies or anything of that nature,” Hackery claims.

The channel will produce eight hours of content a day and cycle it for a 24-hour period ensuring that people in different time zones, or those that work different shifts won`t miss any of the fun. The show will be produced live so as to create an atmosphere of excitement where anything could happen and the potential for mistakes is huge. “One of our more popular segments is going to be the interviews where we let the developers and the reviewers go at it,“says Hackery. “These developers get really pissed when they spend two years working on a game and one of our cocky reviewers slams it in five minutes. We`re really going to hear some great exchanges from these volatile people.“

Sirius XM Satellite Radio currently offers more than 200 stations including talk shows, sports, comedy, and virtually every musical genre one can imagine. CheatCC will be the first gaming-themed site and will set the bar for future web-to-radio sites. Hackery concludes that radio is the perfect medium for the site since radio is where the ugly talented people thrive.

*This article is presented as an exclusive Cheat Code Central feature titled “Are you dumb enough to believe this?” Please check back each Friday for the newest edition.

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