Get Ready for Game-A-Thon 2009!*

Get Ready for Game-A-Thon 2009!*


How long can you game? DreamFactor, a leading gaming development company wants to know. And they’re putting their money where your mouse is.

A worldwide competition is being held to determine the world’s most dedicated gamer. The person that can play the longest will win the title and a few million dollars, three million to be exact. Players will have to remain competitive and awake for the duration which may last days. The Game-A-Thon will be broadcast live on CheatCC. It’s going to be a gruelling challenge. Are you up for it?

Eliminations in the Game-A-Thon will be made every hour. Players in the highest score bracket will be safe. Only when the competition is reduced to the top-ten gamers will score no longer be a priority, although players are obligated to score a minimum allotment of points per quarter hour to ensure they are still conscious.

The competition will take place online, but strict control measures must be adhered to in an effort to ensure that players are not tag-teaming with partners. Retina scanning recognition software must be installed on players’ gaming systems. The camera will be trained on the player continually and will be monitored by DreamFactor employees. Players are allowed a five-minute break every hour to refresh. Should any player remain out of scanning range longer than the scheduled break they will be eliminated.

“This is going to be huge,” exclaims vice president of marketing Willy Littlejohn. “We’re going to make sure that it’s fair for all involved. Free copies of the game will be available on our website, but only the first few levels. The complete game will be available for only a couple of hundred dollars, but just think of the advantage that you’ll have over cheap players that don’t fork out the money. We want to be fair, but we’ve got to make a buck in the process,” Littlejohn proclaims.

The game will be available for download exactly one month before the Game-A-Thon to allow competitors to train. Details of the game are not being released, but the company did say that it will incorporate puzzle and shooter elements. It’s designed to kick into higher difficulty modes with only slight variations in levels and gameplay. In that way it will remain playable for days on end with new challenges. Players can use the PS3, Xbox 360 or pc and the controller they feel most comfortable with.

Darren Faust, head of the Group Opposing Everything says the Game-A-Thon is establishing a dangerous precedent. “Whenever you have this many people online at the same time you’re just inviting trouble. Satan loves to hang out in large groups and this is going to be a real soul-stealing opportunity for him,” Faust exclaims. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see kids turned into murderous zombies after a few hours involvement in this contest. These kids are going to be tired and they’re not going to be thinking straight, it would be very easy for them to hit the wrong link such as the Sell Your Soul Now button,” Faust claims.

Littlejohn says that Faust’s opinions are utterly ridiculous and unfounded. “If the devil is so smart,” Littlejohn proposes, “Why doesn’t he possess the president of the United States and press the nuclear button instead of wasting his time controlling little girls and crazy homeless people? The Game-A-Thon is going ahead as scheduled, and everyone is invited to play, even Satan if he wants to.”

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