Actual Virtual Reality Coming Soon*

Actual Virtual Reality Coming Soon*


A group comprised of top game developers and psychologists have discovered a new genre-phenomenon called Actual Virtual Reality. The creation of the new genre is a result of extensive experiments conducted on test subjects combing the effects of virtual reality and actual reality. According to the group of researchers, one of the most amazing aspects of Actual Virtual Reality is how simple and inexpensive it is to implement, not to mention how absolutely amazing it is for players.

“Costs associated with the development of virtual reality are astronomical, that’s why there’s been so little progress in the area,” explains top psychologist Trevor Tiny. “So we decided to go another route, and what we’ve found is absolutely astounding. So far, this system doesn’t work on every test subject, but the ones that it does work on will have the experience of a lifetime. The other good news is that the other people will be the facilitators of the system. They will ultimately be in control, and that’s fun as well.”

The group claims all that is needed for the Actual Virtual Reality system is a special helmet and an instructional book which is read by the facilitator to direct the player(s). “The helmet is not powered, it’s a very inexpensive component costing less than twenty-five dollars. The instruction manual is carefully worded to give the player effective post-somnambulist suggestions, akin to hypnosis. With the low cost and amazing results, we will expect to revolutionize the gaming industry with this new concept,” says Tiny.

“Our first test subject was none other than Arty Hackery, the former CEO of Cheat Code Central,” explains Tiny. “We placed a glass fishbowl over his head and told him that he was going to experience the most vivid and realistic virtual reality ever devised. We told him the helmet was worth more than four-hundred thousand dollars, and that it would re-create the real world in virtually perfect detail. Thankfully he’s not very smart, so he believed us. What he was looking at was the real world through nothing more than a glass fishbowl. He was amazed at the results, claiming that he’d never seen such vivid colors and finely rendered images. When we finally took him out of the men’s washroom and out into the streets he nearly peed his pants he was so excited looking at the real world around him.” Tiny says. “He almost walked in front of a moving bus but we were told he does that quite regularly and that we shouldn’t blame ourselves.”

Once “players” of the appropriate mental aptitude are found, they are guided by the facilitator to experience the virtual world around them. They will be taken on walks, shopping trips to the mall, and even bowling, all under the guise that they are in a virtual world. It’s explained to them that the developers have painstaikingly re-created every environment on the face of the planet, including your own basement and that magazine hidden in the bottom of the drawer in your office.

“If the player really believes what he or she is told, the experience is real to them,” explains Tiny. “We’re just so glad that Arty is so stupid,” Tiny says, “Because he really did have the time of his life and that made us all feel good.”

*This article is presented as an exclusive Cheat Code Central feature titled “Are you dumb enough to believe this?” Please check back each Friday for the newest edition.

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