Wasted Gaming Energy Harnessed through GreenPlay!*

Wasted Gaming Energy Harnessed through GreenPlay!*


Einstein may not have said that gaming equals energy, but if he were alive to see GreenPlay in action he might say “That’s a relatively good idea.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A company has found a way to harness the energy used in gaming to help offset heating, lighting, and electrical expenses. Now gaming is not only fun, but it’s environmentally friendly.

GreenPlay is a new alternative energy resource company founded by former stock broker Porter Folio. By looking at the big picture, the company realizes that energy saving initiatives must begin at the grassroots level. Small steps must be taken to make large gains. The company focuses on small projects that can be easily facilitated in homes. In this case, video games. Folio has just released the results of a two-year study that shows that the energy released by gamers can be harnessed and recycled back into the home resulting in huge savings.

“The average gamer released 12,000 BTUs of energy per hour playing a regular game,” claims Folio. “That number can almost quadruple if the gaming system is a Wii where the player is actually moving about. We are also able to recycle the energy released by the television set including the radiation, light, and soundwaves,” says Folio. “The GreenPlay system is sold in kit form and is very economical and easy to install. It will pay for itself in just a few weeks.”

The GreenPlay system uses a series of small sensors, generators, and batteries. The sensors are placed on the television screen where they convert the radiation and soundwaves into electricity. Generators come in the form or floor mats and body suits which convert body movement into electrical energy. All the collected energy is stored in batteries where it can be used later to power a variety of appliances around the home. The more you game, the more energy you will produce. In some instances very energetic gamers can actually produce a surplus of energy which can then be sent back through the grid to be purchased by the local power company. This could actually become a profit-making venture for some.

“We are just beginning to scale the mountain of possibilities that video gaming offers,” Folio says. “We envision a future where all gaming will be done in the mind. You will simply receive games by scanning them with your eyes much like a barcode and they will be loaded into your cerebral internal processor. Our company has been experimenting with this technology on willing test subjects, at least the North Korean government told us they were willing,” continues Folio. “It’s not perfected yet, but we’re trying. We just have to develop a way to re-install the test subject’s mind after deleting a game.”

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