The Week in Review & Rumor Round-up: BioShock 2 Multiplayer Details, 3D Realms Folds, GTA Going Good?, and More!

The Week in Review & Rumor Round-up: BioShock 2 Multiplayer Details, 3D Realms Folds, GTA Going Good?, and More!


The Week in Review news piece summarizes and highlights the most important gaming related news and rumors over the past week. This weekly article will keep you plugged in and in-tune.

Eidos kicked the week off with an announcement of an announcement. I know; it’s not real news… Monday was a slow day, ok? In any case, a couple of weeks ago we let you know about the banner on the Eidos Montreal website teasing an upcoming project announcement. This past weekend the date of that announcement was confirmed. In an Edge magazine advertisement by Eidos for Deus Ex 3, it was revealed that next Monday, May 11th will be the day of reckoning. Due to the font used both on the Eidos Montreal website and in the ad, it is readily speculated that a continuation of the Thief franchise is in the cards.

If you’re a true nerd like me, you’ll be excited to know that BioWare’s highy-anticipated epic fantasy game, Dragon Age, is headed to a tabletop near you. That’s right; BioWare and Green Ronin Publishing have joined forces to bring the pen & paper version of Dragon Age: Origins to gamers everywhere . An official date has not yet been set, but the release window has been identified as summer 2009.

In a move right out of Marketing 101, EA Redwood Shores is getting renamed and “redefined” as Visceral Games . Known for their outstanding work on Dead Space and their upcoming epic title, Dante’s Inferno, the EA in-house studio has been rebranded in order to “better reflect the studio’s culture, identity and focus on creating intense action-oriented intellectual properties.”

Capcom let it be known that they are putting together a long list of classic titles for a potential release via the PlayStation Network . Apparently, a list of 20-40 titles will be proffered up for members of the Capcom Unity blog to vote on. The top vote-getters will then be released through the PSN over “the next several months.”

2K games announced at the end of the week that “Digital Extremes [has been] tapped to create extensive and exciting multiplayer element[s] for 2K Games’ highly anticipated shooter,” BioShock 2. According to the presser, multiplayer will be added to the game in direct response to suggestions from the original game’s fan base. Moreover, multiplayer will be unique, as it will serve as a prequel, expanding “the origins of the BioShock fiction.” Taking place during the fall of Rapture, “players assume the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions.”

On a sad note, 3D Realms, famed developer of the Duke Nukem series, has been closed. As of right now, it is unclear whether their latest project, Duke Nukem Forever (in development since 1997), will ever see the light of day. According to Take-Two, their company still owns the rights to the IP, so any publishing of Duke Nukem Forever for next-gen systems will have to be done under their label. Earlier in the week, Deep Silver and Apogee confirmed that portable versions of the franchise will be unaffected by the closure. This prompted many to believe that the rumors surrounding 3D Realms’ imminent closure was little more than a marketing ploy. However, 3D Realms’ Joe Siegler put the kybosh on any such hopes with his simple, cutting statement: “It’s not a marketing thing. It’s true. I have nothing further to say at this time.”

As far as gaming rumors are concerned, a Japanese variety show called “Pokémon Sunday” revealed that a new set of games is currently in the works, getting prepared for a DS release. Apparently, hints have already been dropped by the show, as “gold and silver party balls… showered confetti on the stage.” This has lead Pokémon fans to infer that Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver are likely to get a remade version in the vein of Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Perhaps the most interesting rumor of the week has to do with the GTA franchise. An interesting survey question was asked via Play Insights that has the Internet aflutter with speculation of a potential karma system for future titles in the franchise. The query reads as follows: “Do you think the Grand Theft Auto series would benefit from having a karma system or good vs. evil actions mechanism that allowed you to choose you overall path by doing good or bad actions, where those actions have a cumulative impact on how the game unfolds?”

Additionally, it was circulated widely on Friday that Sucker Punch, currently putting the finishing touches on inFAMOUS, has hidden an Easter egg in the inFAMOUS demo that announces the development of Sly Cooper 4 – the company’s famed platformer featuring a prowling, purloining raccoon. According to PlayStation blog Tawkn, via Joystiq and 1UP, “a listing of Sly [Cooper] 4 among several fake movie titles at the Cineperplexed movie theater in Infamous’ Empire City.” As such, look for a Sly 4 announcement at E3 2009.

Finally, Microsoft may in fact be planning on releasing motion sensing technology for the Xbox 360 . A grainy picture has been passed around the Internet depicting a white sensor bar and an Xbox 360. However, instead of detecting an IR camera (i.e. Wii Remote-like controller), the sensor detects body movement and sound. According to the report, “There are two sensors on the bar, along with a mic and a camera.” This technology is rumored to be put on display at E3 2009.

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