Nintendo Issuing Free Wii-Remote Jackets

Nintendo Issuing Free Wii-Remote Jackets


In an attempt to simultaneously please their customer base and free them from legal liability, Nintendo has begun offering free Wii-Remote Jackets for anyone that owns a Wii. The jacket is a silicon casing for the Wii-Remote which fits around the edge of the controller and increases the Wii-Remote’s grip.

To receive a Wii-Remote Jacket, a Wii owner can go to the Nintendo’s website and type in your Wii’s serial number.  Consumers can also call 1-866-431-8367 and order the accessory.  Each console serial number can order up to four jackets.

The Wii-Remote Jackets will begin shipping the week of October 15 and will come standard with all Wii-Remotes after that date, including standalone Wii-Remotes and ones packaged with the console or Wii Play.

Reports have come in that the shipping of the Wii-Remote Jackets to consumers will wind up costing Nintendo 18 million dollars.

This isn’t the first step Nintendo has taken to ensure that gamers don’t lose their grip on their Wii-Remotes.  The Wii has always come prepackaged with Wii straps, which fasten around the player’s wrist.  Shortly after launch, Nintendo made thicker wrist straps and sent them to Wii owners that requested them.

We’ll keep you posted as news becomes available.

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