Nvidia And Runic Games Join The War Against SOPA

Nvidia And Runic Games Join The War Against SOPA


Unless you’ve been living under a rock with your fingers in your ears, you know that the Stop Online Piracy Act is drawing a large amount of criticism from many companies throughout the gaming industry. Recently, Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, voiced their concerns , and now, two more big names are joining the cause.

In a thread in the Runic Games forums, a representative made a short-but-sweet post that confirmed Runic’s opposition to the legislation. “It is clear that the scope of the proposed legislation would give unnecessarily broad power to large corporations while reducing the rights of individual citizens—and it won’t even stop software piracy,” the post reads. “We at Runic Games oppose the SOPA/PIPA legislation and we encourage you to do the same.”

Nvidia also made a statement on their blog, which pretty much sums up most people’s concerns: “We oppose piracy, as it hurts our game-developer partners. However, we do not support SOPA. We don’t believe it is the right solution to the problem. We remain committed to working to address this problem in a constructive and fair manner.”

The video card developer’s announcement might come as quite a surprise, considering that they’re currently a member of the Entertainment Software Association, an industry trade group that has gone on record to say that they support SOPA. However, Nvidia insists that they “[weren’t] consulted by ESA in formulating their position on SOPA.”

So far, neither the ESA nor Nvidia has directly attacked the other, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will.

By Josh Engen

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