Online Petition Wants a Majora’s Mask Collector’s Editions for North America

Online Petition Wants a Majora’s Mask Collector’s Editions for North America

It’s common to see special editions of certain games hailing from Japan to only release in Japan, such as fancy color / pattern exclusives for games and console, which may or may not include additional goodies on top of that.

Every once in a while, countries outside Japan will also benefit from special editions of games, such as Europe. However, North America seems left out of the majority of these editions, and with the announcement of the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time’s sequel, Majora’s Mask , some people are wishing to see the Collector’s Edition of the newly announce game ship across the pond.

So far, the Collector’s Edition for Majora’s Mask has been confirmed to release in Europe , which includes a steelbook case, a copy of Majora’s Mask itself, a double-sided poster and Majora’s Mask replica pin. However, a petition over on Change.org is taking a stand, and is asking for those wishing to see the Collector’s Edition ship to North America to sign the petition in the hopes that Nintendo will take notice.

At the time of writing, 26 people have signed the petition, and a minimum of 74 more signatures are needed for the petition to be sent off. The tone of the petition itself, however, is not the humble request one might expect for a campaign such as this, but more of a flat-out demand, commanding Nintendo to “ bring the Majora’s Mask Collector’s edition to North America!

While it may not have been the intent of the petition’s founder, this author believes that Nintendo may be more inclined to listen to a petition that’s less demanding and more requesting. Nonetheless, the petition itself has been linked below.

The Majora’s Mask remake was announced during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, and it’ll be releasing on 3DS and 2DS in Spring next year. We’ll bring you more news on the game should further information reach our ears.

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