PC compatible Kinect slated for July 15 Release

PC compatible Kinect slated for July 15 Release

Back in March, we established that the final design for the PC compatible version of the Xbox One’s Kinect had been revealed, and that it was slated for a summer release. Well, that summer release has been revealed to be Tuesday, July 15, according to the Kinect’s product listing on the Microsoft Store.

Dubbed as “Kinect for Windows v2”, the peripheral is essentially a standalone Kinect for PC. However, with the Xbox One no longer shipping with the Kinect , it’s likely this standalone version may also be compatible with Microsoft’s new console. Having said that, the device is being sold more as a development tool rather than a entertainment peripheral.

Though it does look almost identical to the version of Microsoft’s console, the Kinect doesn’t show “Xbox” anywhere on its body. In place of the console’s recognizable insignia on its top and right-most side of the device’s face, you’ll now simply find “Kinect” and a small power indicator respectively.

The Kinect for PC will require two additional components in order for it to communicate with your PC: the “hub” and the power supply. The hub is basically a nice, tidied component that incorporates the device itself, the device’s USB 3.0 output and its power. The power supply is self-explanatory. The power cables themselves will vary from country to country, but the power supply itself will support voltages from 100-240 volts.

The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor is currently available to pre-order for $199, or your regional equivalent.

Should this device turn out to be compatible with the Xbox One, and should Xbox One users want to buy this Kinect as a upgrade, it would cost them $100 more than if they bought the Xbox One with the Kinect before the decision was made to have the device axed from the packaging back in early-June.

We’ll bring you more Kinect-related news should further information reach our ears.

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