Plague Inc: Evolved Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Plague Inc: Evolved Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Plague Inc: Evolved Easy “Assuming Direct Control” trophy

Infect the remaining living population and unlock the “Transcendence” symptom to get the “Assuming Direct Control” trophy. “Transcendence” is in the top left path of the symptoms list.

Easy “Blind Genius” trophy

This requires Simian Neuro-Genesis. Gen-Sys must be researching on apes to cure the disease. Unlock “Blindness”, and “Neuro-Enhancement 1, 2, and 3” to get the “Blind Genius” trophy. It will be difficult to win afterwards because research to find the cure will be very fast.

Easy “Chinese Nuclear Retaliation” and “Russian Nuclear Retaliation” trophies

Some luck is required to earn these trophies. Start with any country. Evolve Drug Resistance 1 and 2 and any transmissions and non-lethal abilities, then infect the world until you reach the USA. Evolve your disease and make it lethal (no more than 10%). After a few months you may see a popup stating “USA president taken ill”, which is required for the trophy. Evolve the Insanity symptom, and Spallin should be elected instead of the Vice President. Spallin should threaten China or Russia. Evolve Paralysis. Spallin will nuke China or Russia, and the corresponding trophy will be earned.

Easy “Brainzzzz” trophy

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Evolve the Anaemia and Insomnia symptoms to get the “Brainzzzz” trophy.

Easy “Brown Streets” trophy

Evolve Diarrhea and Insanity to get the “Brown Streets” trophy.

Easy “Contaminated Package” trophy

Evolve Blood 1 + Blood 2, Insect 1 + Insect 2, and Extreme Haematophagy transmissions to get the “Contaminated Package” trophy.

Easy “Did I Mean To Do That?” trophy

Start with the Simian Flu on the Casual difficulty. Genes will not matter. The ATP boost might speed things up, but it is not necessary. Choose either the USA or Saudi Arabia. Progress as usual, popping DNA bubbles, until you have enough to evolve the “Simian Neuro-Genesis”, which should cost 15 DNA points at the “Abilities” screen. Afterwards, you will get the option to Devolve it at the cost of more DNA points.

Easy “Is It A Bird?” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Vampiric Hunger symptom (Cytopathic Reanimation + Anaerobic Resuscitation + Enhanced Sensory Integration + Temporal Lobe Manipulation + Cathemeral Shift) and the Bat 1 + Bat 2 transmissions to get the “Is It A Bird?” trophy.

Easy “Jaws” trophy

Play the Necroa Virus scenario and evolve your virus to have both the Hyperosmia and Delirium traits under the “Symptoms” tab.

Easy “Long Shot” trophy

Evolve the Coughing and Vomiting symptoms to get the “Long Shot” trophy.

Easy “Oink Oink” trophy

Evolve the Coughing, Diarrhea, Nausea, Pneumonia, and Vomiting symptoms, as well as the Livestock 1 + Livestock 2 transmissions, to get the “Oink Oink” trophy.

Easy “Patient Who?” trophy

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Start a normal non-scenario game of Prion on the Casual difficulty. Prion can slow down the cure forcing a longer game. Start in Saudi Arabia. Then, evolve the following in order as soon as possible: Air 1 and 2, Water 1, Neural Atrophy 1, 2, and 3, Drug Resistance, and Genetic Hardening 1 and 2. Note: Devolve every mutated symptom as soon as it appears. Evolve the following symptoms: Coughing, Sneezing, Pneumonia, Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity, Abscesses, Insomnia, and Paranoia. You will have to wait at this point, devolving all mutated symptoms. Even if the symptom is non-lethal it must still be devolved. Immediately pop the cure bubbles as they appear. If the cure progress reaches 75%, immediately evolve all three Genetic Re-Shuffles. You will eventually see the message “CDC teams hunt patient zero” followed after a few months by “CDC teams close on patient zero”. Evolve the following symptoms immediately: Anaemia, Haemophilia, Internal Haemorrhaging, and Hemorrhagic Shock. They should begin killing the population at a decent rate. Do not have any more lethal symptoms, as you will need time for the final pop-up to appear. After nearly half the world is killed, the message “CDC fails to identify patient zero” should appear, and you will get the “Patient Who?” trophy.

Easy “Peer Pressure” trophy

Have no symptoms and your starting country at 100% infection. You must remain at no symptoms until you get the “Peer Pressure” trophy. Consider using Bacteria and start in a small poor country, such as Zimbabwe or Kazakhstan.

Easy “Published Scenario” trophy

Upload a scenario, then earn any other trophy to get the “Published Scenario” trophy.

Easy “Red Ape Redemption” trophy

Unlock Horse Riding and Weapon Creation to get the “Red Ape Redemption” trophy. Note: This may require some time.

Easy “Red Rain” trophy

Evolve the Haemophilia and Skin Lesions symptoms to get the “Red Rain” trophy.

Easy “Runner” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Enhanced Motor Control symptom and Engorged Quadriceps ability to get the “Runner” trophy.

Easy “Shouldn’t Keep Pets” trophy

Make all apes intelligent and move them into a single colony. Move the colony across an ocean to get the “Shouldn’t Keep Pets” trophy.

Easy “Spitter” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Naja Mortis and Enhanced Sensory Integration symptoms to get the “Spitter” trophy.

Easy “STALKERs delight” trophy

Some luck is required to get the “STALKERs delight” trophy. If you get a popup stating “New round of nuclear tests considered”, evolve the Insanity symptom to increase the chance of it happening.

Easy “Tank” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, evolve the Bone Dysplasia and Anabolic Boost symptoms to get the “Tank” trophy.

Easy “Tasty” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, evolve the Polyphagia, Autophagia, and Cannibalism symptoms to get the “Tasty” trophy.

Easy “Touchscreen Trash” trophy

After the iCure is launched, unlock the “Sweating” symptom to get the “Touchscreen Trash” trophy. Note: “Sweating” is in the second option from the top right of the standard symptom tree.

Easy “Uh Oh” trophy

Evolve the Diarrhea and Sneezing symptoms to get the “Uh Oh” trophy.

Easy “Use Your Head” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Cranial Elephantitis symptom and Air 3 transmission to get the “Use Your Head” trophy.

Easy “Walking Contradiction” trophy

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Photophobia and Cathameral Shift symptoms to get the “Walking Contradiction” trophy.

Easy “Who needs DEET” trophy

Note: This may require some time since it is luck based. When you get a popup stating that there has been an insect population boom, which increases zombie decay rates, immediately evolve the Zoonotic Shift and Insect transmissions to get the “Who needs DEET” trophy. Zombies will now repel insects, returning their decay rate to normal.


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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Fully Evolved (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
    Brown Streets (Bronze): Discover the Public Defecation combo.
    Is it a bird? (Bronze): Discover the Vampire Bat combo.
    Long Shot (Bronze): Discover the Projectile Vomiting combo.
    Patient Who? (Bronze): Stop the CDC finding Patient Zero.
    RMS Watch List (Bronze): Get your Plague on the RMS Watch List.
    Spitter (Bronze): Discover the Spitter combo.
    Uh Oh (Bronze): Discover the Oops symptom combo.
    Walking Contradiction (Bronze): Discover the Walking Contradiction combo.
    Assuming Direct Control (Bronze): Win a game by enslaving humanity with the Neurax Worm.
    Ape’s Creed (Bronze): Discover the Assassin Combo.
    Like flies round… (Bronze): Discover the Fly Magnet Combo.
    Red Ape Redemption (Bronze): Discover the Red Ape Redemption Combo.
    Ultimate Christmas (Bronze): Discover the Ultimate Christmas Combo.
    Worm Food (Bronze): Win a game by eradicating humanity with the Neurax Worm.
    The Glorious Dead (Bronze): Win a game with the Necroa Virus.
    Insane Bolt (Bronze): Sprint to victory and set a world record by winning the game with Bacteria in under 365 days.
    Bacteria Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Bacteria on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Virus Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Virus on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Fungus Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Fungus on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Parasite Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Parasite on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Prion Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Prion on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Nano-Virus Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Nano-Virus on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Olympic Spoiler (Bronze): Help the Olympics go viral in the UK.
    Peer Pressure (Bronze): Have your plague discovered after riots force a government investigation.
    Neurax Worm Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Neurax Worm on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Bio-Weapon Victory (Bronze): Win a game with Bio-Weapon on Normal Difficulty or higher.
    Not Just a Pretty Face (Bronze): Make every ape in the world intelligent.
    Brainzzzz (Bronze): Discover the Waking Dead combo.
    Jaws (Bronze): Discover the Blood in the Air combo.
    Oink oink (Bronze): Discover the Swineflu Combo.
    Red Rain (Bronze): Discover the Profuse Bleeding combo.
    Runner (Bronze): Discover the Runner combo.
    Tank (Bronze): Discover the Tank combo.
    Tasty (Bronze): Discover the Bath Time combo.
    Use your head (Bronze): Discover the Cranial Dispersion combo.
    Boomer (Bronze): Discover the Boomer combo.
    Blind Genius (Bronze): Discover the Blind Genius Combo.
    Do it like they do (Bronze): Discover the Discovery Channel Combo.
    Not Necroa (Bronze): Discover the Zombie Panic Combo.
    Rude Awakening (Bronze): Discover the Rude Awakening Combo.
    Unlock Cheatmodes (Silver): Unlock the cheats by winning a game on Normal for ALL disease types.
    Film Fanatic (Silver): Recreate the setting of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes film.
    The Future is Bright (Silver): End the game with apes and humans living together peacefully.
    Not Another Zombie Game (Silver): Win a game with the Necroa Virus without making a single zombie.
    Breathe Deep (Silver): Infect the Chernobyl research team.
    Revenge of Osiris (Silver): Invalidate the knowledge of the pharaohs.
    STALKERs delight (Silver): Cause a nuclear meltdown.
    Plague in Space (Silver): Infect astronauts before they launch a space mission.
    Russian Nuclear Retaliation (Silver): Make the USA nuke Russia.
    Disease Master (Gold): Complete all disease types on mega-brutal difficulty.
    Scenario Master (Gold): Score 3 biohazards in every Official scenario.
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