PS Vita Gets 1.61 Update

PS Vita Gets 1.61 Update


The PS Vita has gotten its first official update just in time for its official worldwide release. PS Vita firmware 1.61 adds several new features to the already powerful handheld console. Sony recommends you download and install the update after turning on your Vita for the first time if you are picking one up on release day this Wednesday.

The new update will apply some background fixes and improve overall performance along with adding the following features, according to the PlayStation Blog:

  • A new application, (Maps), has been added to the home screen .

  • In addition to photos, you can now take videos using the Photo application.

  • You can now publish stories about the products that you rate in PlayStation Store to Facebook.

  • In “near,” players’ information is now displayed on the Discoveries screen. On this screen, a list of the online IDs of up to 100 players that you have encountered, and the number of times that you encountered each player, are displayed. Tap an online ID to display that player’s profile screen.

  • The Mac OS version of Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation has been released. The Windows version has also been updated.

    You can either download the update automatically through the Vita’s system update feature, or hook up your Vita to a PC, Mac, or PS3, and update through the Vita content manager.

    By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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