Terraria Comes to PlayStation Vita

Terraria Comes to PlayStation Vita

Terraria is again pushing envelopes this year, it appears! The critically acclaimed sandbox has launched today on PlayStation Vita for EU players, and has been announced to arrive on December 17 for North American players. Having first originated on PC and then branched out to consoles and mobile devices, it’s nice to hear that the little game is now making a move to handhelds.

Terraria will be available to download on your Vita via the PlayStation Store and features a few PlayStation-oriented implementations. Specifically, this Vita port will feature Cross-Platform Play, which allows Vita players to game and interact with PlayStation 3 players and the wider Terraria community on the PSN side of things. Control wise, Terraria has been kitted so it plays smoothly with a redesigned control system to make better use of your Vita, and even includes touch screen support. Multiplayer has also been implemented and is done through the PlayStation Network, and allows up to eight players to adventure together (or simply blow each other up). Version 1.2 content will also be available, but as to the actual amount of content, I don’t actually know. Lastly, there will also be PSN leaderboards and trophies available too.

All these features will be included along with the baseline content of Terraria , though I have to assume that the content will largely be version 1.1 (with console-exclusive content too), but will also feature some content from 1.2, mirroring what the console versions have already. I say that because according to an official post on Terraria Online, the console version of Terraria would be getting a few teaser things from 1.2 in a console update in an November 5 update, which has now been released. According to this story’s press release, here’s what 1.2 content you’ll be getting on the Vita version:

  • Over a dozen new items and recipes;

  • Two completely new armor sets;

  • More than 20 new NPC types including eight new Zombie enemies and six fearsome new Demon Eye variants

Terraria is available on PlayStation Store EU for £11.99 and will be available on PlayStation Store US for $14.99.

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