PS3 System Update 3.70 Adds New Features

PS3 System Update 3.70 Adds New Features


We got a new PS3 firmware update, and it’s doing things other than combating piracy this time around!

First of all, it is giving PlayStation Plus subscribers the ability to automatically upload their game saves online. This way, whenever you save offline, a second archive will be uploaded to the PlayStation Plus cloud for extra security. PlayStation Plus members will also be able to enable auto-trophy synch, which works much in the same way.

The PSN store has received some updates as well. Now there is a new recommendation function that will allow you to rate items that you have bought and recommend them to friends. A new category will also be added on the XMB called TV/Video which will include streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and VUDU.

New updates to the PS3’s 3D functionality have been included as well. In addition to several bug fixes, the system will now allow you to view 3D digital photos stored in MPO format.

In addition to the PS3 update, a PSP system update will be launching soon, but we do not yet have any details about that yet.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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