Rare Games Find New Life with Xtractor*

Rare Games Find New Life with Xtractor*


Rare video games can fetch a premium price from collectors, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But how can you tell a gem from a turd? With the Xtractor, a device that detects rare games where they can be found, literally underground.

Collectors generally agree that products such as cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, and video games are not likely to ever increase in value. These items are not only mass produced but their value comes from the embedded coding of information, the container itself is virtually worthless. But there are some “diamonds in the rough” so to speak, and they are in the form of rare video games. These are games that, for numerous reasons, have never seen the light of day, and the developers hope they never do.

It’s long been a practice of manufacturers to destroy products deemed inferior before they wind up in the hands of consumers. These products may be defective or contain unsuitable content which may destroy the producers’ reputation and possibly their business. But with manufacturing plants being able to produce hundreds of thousands of items in a day, it’s virtually impossible to destroy all of the product. Many such video game manufacturers resort to burying their products in local landfills. It’s estimated that there are hundreds of millions of such games located in landfills throughout the world.

“This is very true,” says Fran Fristy, a game manufacturer, “With the sheer volume of material it’s just more cost effective to bury these defective games. But we are prohibited from disposing all of them in one location, so they are trucked to dumps all over the world where they will hopefully remain untouched forever. There’s a reason these games are buried, we don’t want anyone to see them, ever,” Fristy exclaims.

Imagine playing the first ever game that featured Mario resembling Mao-Tse-Tung? Or playing Spider-Man who is not wearing pants? Or a game called Nazi Norm’s Nerf Noodles? Well you can play these game if you can find them, and the Xtractor is the only way you’re going to locate them. The Xtractor works like a metal detector, with the exception that it scans for codes not metals. It can reach to a depth of twenty feet and discern gaming codes from any other kind of data. When it starts to beep, you just start digging until you hit the jackpot. And this jackpot can make you rich, instantly. Numerous game reclaimers have already located copies of extremely rare games and have gone on to become independently wealthy.

“It’s one thing to find a treasure trove of rare games,” explains Xtractor inventor Dan Frute, “but it’s what the Xtractor does after finding the cache that makes your discovery worth a fortune. With the flick of a switch the Xtractor turns into a flamethrower instantly melting the copies. As long as you have one of the games in your hand, you will hold the only known copy of that particular game. That game is not worth very much if there are multiple copies of it. But don’t go to a collector to get paid. You’ll get much more money if you go to the developer of that particular game and blackmail them. They will be so embarrassed that their hideous game has resurfaced that they will pay you a fortune to destroy the very last copy in existence. So just burn the last known copy with the Xtractor and save a little of that flame to light your giant cigar in celebration of your new found wealth.”

The Xtractor is not legal in most countries, although Venezuela doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

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