Illegal Pirate Gaming Site Shut Down*

Illegal Pirate Gaming Site Shut Down*


A notorious illegal gaming site that allows participants to compete, and bet on, various video games has been shut down by Interpol authorities.

The site, known as the Irate Pirate, charges players a fee to compete in head-to-head and other multiplayer tournaments. The winner takes a percentage of the purse which can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The company takes a percentage of the profits, the earnings of which are reported to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Complaints have been leveled against the company for years, with charges ranging from cheating to underage gambling. Numerous families have had to file for bankruptcy after their children have secretly used their parents’ credit cards to finance their exploits.

A group in defense of the site claims that this is the only outlet of its kind where skilled gamers can cash in on their talents. They maintain that gamers that practice their craft should be rewarded financially for their efforts. The excitement of world-wide competition and the lure of winning a fortune in one evening has raised the bar for gaming as only the best in the world will make it to the championships. The group says video games take a lot more skill than poker that relies on the luck of the draw. If the gaming site is closed down, so too should the poker sites, says the group.

Participants don’t have to be skilled gamers to win big at the Irate Pirate. Non-gamers can wager bets on their favorite gamers, similar to Vegas-style sporting events. The games are chosen by the players and include everything from Space Invaders to Brain Age. Game genres include platforms, racing, puzzles, action adventure, economic sims, and of course sports.

Although the site was accessible to the world over the internet, it did have a physical location in the Caribbean. The world police, known as Interpol, have been tracking down the organization that allowed kids as young as four-years old to take part in illegal gaming gaming.

Arrested were ringleaders Jimmy Karbunkle and Cecil Wassal of the Grand Cayman Islands. Employees at the company were not charged in exchange for information leading to prosecution. According to sources, both Karbunkle and Wassal adopted a pirate lifestyle, actually burying millions of dollars of illegal revenue throughout the island. The money is buried in plastic chests to foil metal detectors. The exact locations of the chests are apparently embedded in video game codes. It is rumored that many Cheat Code Central employees have booked vacations on the island. No word yet if they are packing shovels in their luggage.

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